The Importance of SOC Automation and Orchestration

Cyber security is growing importance for companies on a day to day basis. Finding the best and most proactive security for your company and website will not only make your life much easier, but will also give you the reassurance you deserve.

Working alongside some of the biggest technology names in the world, Cyberbit have been able to revolutionize the way SOC cyber security happens. SOC 3D is the latest and most efficient automated form of SOC cyber security and it works to make your life much easier. By giving you the ability to automate incident response in relation to specific events happening leaves you with more time to work on different things.

The reason the SOC 3D is so revolutionary is it is the first to combine workflow automation, orchestration, and big-data based investigation tools into a simple and easy to use IR platform that has more power than any that has come before it. Making your SOC more prominent, efficient, and speedy has never been more important.

When it comes to cyber security there is nothing more important than the speed of the SOC in use. Milliseconds can make the difference between a website running smoothly and a company being catastrophically hacked. So making sure you have the best SOC cyber security is absolutely key in this day and age.

Not only does using SOC 3D make it easier for you to stay on top of potential security threats but the time saved will allow your analysts more time to focus on more important work. Making the whole process more streamlined and easy to use has brought a new way of using SOC cyber security, and this game changer spreads further than just the security side of things.

Helping with the analytical side of things means that there is an increased chance of you boosting your visibility. Using websites such as Google makes a big difference to how prominent a company is and the SOC 3D is aimed to improving your visibility while keeping your cyber security completely intact; a beautiful use of technology if there ever was one.

Changing the face of SOC cyber security has been far from easy, but they have tackled it like professionals and exceeded all expectations. Using their work is more important than ever if you want to be truly safe and competitive in the cutthroat world we live in.