The Top Free Flyer Design Templates 

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Are you looking to create some flyer designs for a promotional campaign? A great way to start the design process is to do it in the same way you start a blog – look for some templates. There are man free templates out there that you can use to quickly come up with great looking flyers. Here are a few of the top templates that we’ve found available online.

1. Music Festival Template

This template can work for any kind of music events whether it’s a rock concert, jazz club, salsa dancing event or an EDM party. The trick here is to look for themes that relate to your specific event. For example, if you’re promoting a rock concert, you may want to use symbols or images of the guitars, bass and drums. If you’re promoting a jazz club, you may want to use soulful silhouettes and add a cooler tone to the flyer.

2. Christmas Sale Template

This is the type of design that big retailers like Macy’s uses in their holiday promotions. If you’re trying to create a Christmas holiday flyer for a retail store, this is the perfect template for you. You almost don’t have to do much to it other than customize the text. But since it is a freely available template, you do put in the extra effort of customizing the look a little bit.

3. Real Estate Flyer

Trying to sell or rent out real estate is tough. But a good flyer can help your company make an impact with the right prospects. This flyer is a great template due to the practical and professional design and layout. Obviously, you’ll have to customize the property pictures with your own. A suggestion here would be to use a little less lighting than the examples provided in the template.

4. Restaurant Flyer

This is a great looking flyer because the design can be applied to many different types of modern restaurants. It has a minimalist, a sleek and modern look that makes it appealing. The focus of the flyer is really in the photos. For this template, you may want to remove the top logo, make the name of the restaurant bigger and enlarge the photos to create something that’s more attention grabbing.

5. Business Event Flyer

This flyer can easily be used to promote your business or networking event. The typography is clear and the layout works. The photo driven, grid format does a great job in presenting strong visuals of the event. The only thing you’ll have to do is come up with more relevant photos as some of the photos seem to be more suited for targeting students. 

6. Business Conference

This is a good alternative to the previous example. If you’re promoting some kind of business conference, you can use this simple template. It features the speakers and has a strong call to action. Just make sure you grab a background of the city the conference is going to be held in. You may also want to use some of the space to provide better background information about the speakers.

7. Sporting Event

This is a great flyer template for a sporting event. While this one is targeted for runner, the silhouettes can easily be changed out to cyclists, skateboarders and dog walkers. The contrast between the white and all the beautiful colors makes this one a real treat to look at. The font that’s used is also bold, upfront and clear which is ideal for promoting events like this.

8. Volunteer/Charity Template

This is a simple template that can be used for volunteer or charity events. However, it’s simply a good starting point and can use some work. Try different color schemes other than the green and pink. Change the headline font up with something that has more readability. That said, the stop hand signal really does a great job in getting the attention of the reader as it’s a sign often used to snap people out of what they were doing.

9. Travel Template

This is a solid travel template that can be used for both local and domestic travel offers. The paintbrush strokes really add to the travel theme and the way that the images are laid out really works well. Some modifications like using a different font, making the font bigger and preventing the brushstrokes from cutting off the photos are some great edits that can improve this flyer.

10. Fitness Flyer

This is a great modern looking template for a gym. The font is big and bold for clarity. The layout uses a geometric design to help it stand out from average looking flyers. The white and blue color scheme is clean and attractive. The photo can obviously be customized to your target audience and the left side can be less angular to help the photo shine a little bit more.

Again, templates are great starting points whether you want to start a blog or design a promotional flyer. They act as shortcuts to the creative process and allow you to start creating without wasting too much time planning your project. Make sure that you don’t just use these templates as is. You want to customize the look, layout and overall feel to really make it your own.