The truth about antivirus software effectiveness

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, we’re bringing you something every computer owner should have on hand.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell: no anti-virus software is 100% effective. We know, the truth hurts.

We live in a world where criminals are working around the clock to find ways around anti-virus software and we can’t always stay ahead of them. You can be doing everything right and still get a nasty virus infection that slows down your computer, steals valuable private data, or even makes your computer unusable until you pay a ransom!

If you just use regular software installed on your computer to remove viruses you’re using an infected system (your computer) to remove viruses. Guess how effective an infected system is at doing anything, let alone removing a virus that is specifically designed to hide from detection. If you guessed “not very” you’re right.Image result for The truth about antivirus software effectiveness

That’s why the best method for virus removal is to use an external virus removal device. You need the device to be external so it’s not affected by the infection on your computer. We found and tested one such device, the FixMeStick virus cleaner, and the results were more than impressive.

Instead of struggling with a molasses-slow computer bogged down by malware, paying hundreds of dollars for a professional repair, or worse, buying a whole new computer, you can take matters into your own hands with the FixMeStick.

It won’t interfere with your existing anti-virus software and actually will complement it perfectly to put you at the top of your anti-virus game!