Things to See Before Buying Second Hand Laptop

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You may need to consider to buy second hand laptop means laptop cũ when you are tired to save money to buy a good laptop. If you have been tired for that and wish to have a laptop to increase your work, it is time to get used laptop. laptop cũ is just the term for used stuff and it always depends on who has the used laptop and how they care. We all agree that everything has a risk, and we agree that we have to accept the risk when we have decided to buy second hand laptop. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that the willingness to accept any possibility of risk.

Everything will be fine when you can consider and choose properly. You just need to read more on buying guide as you may want to get the good used laptop without having to fix the hardware or even software. There are many ways to consider whether the second-hand laptop is good or not. First, they might have asked about the brand and also the history of certain brand. It is not enough when you want to get and fast laptop cũ. You still need some considerations when you are going to buy used a laptop and here are things to see before buying second-hand laptop.

Check the battery life

The first thing to see when you are going to buy second hand laptop is the battery life. Most of used laptops’ battery only can stand less than 6 hours and some laptops need to connect to the electricity because the battery is already dead. If you find the battery life is still 4 hours, then you can consider it as one of good second hand laptops you can take as the consideration. Another thing to see is the temperature during the charging. If it is too hot, you have to suspect that.

See the screen

The second thing to see in buying laptop cũ is to check the screen whether you can see the dead pixel or not. A dead pixel can be seen through black dot on the screen. The worse dead pixel has wide black dot screen. Another thing to see is the display. You can see that there is a problem in your second-hand laptop if there is discoloration in the screen. See while the laptop is on.

Check the port and input

The third thing to see is the port and input. You have to make sure that all of the port including the 2.0 port USB, HDMI, or projector port works well. Try the port USB first using your flash drive and bring headphone too to check the audio jack. If you don’t find any malfunction from the port and input, then you could go to the software checking.

See the license

The license is important to check regarding the software. Make sure that you get the official software from second-hand laptop because it is important for your future using the used laptop. It is better to buy used laptop with official software with license. If you want to save the money, you can buy laptop cũ without seeing the license of software.