Tips to Avoid E Cigarette Explosions

Those who have done research will tell you that if indeed there are any risks with e-cigarettes, they are lower than the risks of smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, e cigarette and the e-liquids they come with have different nicotine strengths, from zero to high which is useful as you then control your nicotine intake.

One hang of a perk is not having that irritating smoke smell adhering firmly to your skin, hair and clothes. There’s also no ash which is a bigger perk for the non-smoker.

An Exploding E-cig is totally Uncool

You can vape almost anywhere as there is none of that irritating second-hand smoke lingering around. This means that there isn’t necessarily the need to go outside for your smoke break. Except of course, if your e cigarette explodes. Many people smoke because they don’t know what to do with their hands in social settings – they believe it makes them look cool, relaxed and occupied. How uncool it can be e-cigarette explode in your face or your pocket.

People don’t really associate any negative connotations with e-cigarettes, but the fact that there are more and more reports on them exploding or catching fire has warranted some investigation.

The Battery the Culprit?

An electronic cigarette is actually an electrical device so it does automatically carry an element of danger. Made up of the cartridge which contains the liquid nicotine, the atomizer and the battery,according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA as it is known, 80% of e-cigarette explosions occur during charging, and in many cases with the use of an alternative charger – in other words one that didn’t come with the e-cigarette.

Research into e-cig explosions points to fires starting while the device was still charging. Others exploded while in the users’ possession. Investigations about these explosions rest on reports which were collected about e-cigarette accidents over a period of 5 years.

So what’s the answer to the problems – what tips are there to avoid a blow-up when you’re trying to be cool and in control?
To reduce the risk of an e-cigarette explosion and minimise risks –

● Plug only an e-cigarette into a power adapter or USB port that came with the battery or e-cig itself
● Make sure the battery isn’t more powerful than what the device is designed for
● Be careful about what you plug your e-cig into – don’t go plugging it into a computer
● Stick with reliable, well-known brands and buy from your regular, reputable source
● Whatever brand you settle on, in any case, never overcharge your battery and also don’t ever leave it charging and plugged in when you’re not around. Most electronic cigarettes are powered by a lithium-ion battery, just like your cell phone, and this is where the fire danger comes from. When you puff on your cigarette, the battery powers the heating element that turns the chemical solution into a vapour. These lithium-ion batteries can pose a fire hazard if left in pressurised areas. The batteries cause problems when they’re overheated from sources such as over-charging.
● You also get e-cigs where the battery is removed from the atomiser for charging, and this seems to be a safer option that buying those where the battery stays attached when charging
● Don’t just toss your devices into your pocket alongside things such as keys and money – rather use some form of casing to protect the batteries

Vape with Care

Don’t be alarmed, just be careful. E-cigs are popular, and with the growing popularity of vaping, you want to be sure you’re doing everything you can to vape with care.