Tips to Improve Your Website Security before it’s too Late

A website should not only be fully functional it should also enforce high security in order to be trusted by the users. A fully secured website does not only provide confidence from your end when users are accessing your site. It also gives users the assurance that their data and information are not compromised when they use your website. 

If you are one of those web owners that feel a bit hesitant of your website’s security, then read on to learn more about how you can secure your website before it’s too late.

Keep your plugins simple and minimal

Assess your site’s needs for plugins. Keep it simple and only install the plugins you need best. There are a lot of plugins offered by different software companies. Make sure that one of these are recommended by the CMS or web platform you use. For example, WordPress recommends plugins for its user as they are usually tried and tested for security. Consider installing them first before trying out new plugins offered by unknown software companies. 

Notify Users when you Collect Data

When one of the website actions perform by users’ needs additional data, inform them through pop-ups, check boxes, or forms that will notify them of the data you need to gather and store. This way also, you help users to better assess the information they are willing to give. For example, when a user wishes to be provided of information regarding the upcoming products they could be interested in, then you won’t have any problem viewing their purchase history to see what products interest them. It’s just a matter of how you properly advise data collection to be used permissibly on the website in order to be trusted with their important information.

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Switch to SSL

Secure Socket Layer or SSL ensures that your internet activity especially when you transfer sensitive data is always secured. Not having an SSL Certificate makes online activity on the particular site not private. It’s like your giving away your email address, credit card numbers and other sensitive information that can be used by unauthorized users. Having an SSL Certificate keeps the data transfer between the server and browser private and secured. Make users’ web browsing and your data collection protected, secure an SSL certificate now.

Set-up HTTP/2

HTTP1.1 or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol version 1.1 has been used for more than a decade to deliver fast, secure and rich medium for digital communication. While the creation of HTTP/2 features innovation, there’s more to it like having stricter security measures that should be utilised nowadays by every website due to a lot of security threats and website vulnerabilities. By setting up an HTTP/2, you are not just making your website up-to-date, you can also make it the best version of your website ever.

Protecting your website with the above tips will not only make your website secured and keep users confident. They are also a way to improve your website’s overall performance that will surely make it run for a much longer time.