Top 5 Creative Ways to Optimize your Website Design

No other marketing channel can match the first few pages of Google. You are guaranteed of organic ROI and visibility any time. If you are new in the business you will get discovered in no time. What is surprising is that very businesses know this and only 17% of startups invest in search engine optimization. This is according to the latest statistics. Why?

It is no secret that SEO is a sure way of getting organic traffic to any website. This is due to its technical and creative way to improve your site’s visibility to search engines and website visitors. This has made companies hunt downs for effective keywords to use in their respective industries to secure the top spot in search engines. However, you have to understand that this is a rather complex process requires dedication in keyword research, quality and unique content, backlinks, and web design.

If you fall in the 83% of companies that are not utilizing SEO, here are five awesome web design optimization that can help push up your search ranks for maximum visibility. By carefully researching and implementing them, you’ll be guaranteed of organic traffic in no time. Read on for more insights.

#1 Conduct Market Analysis

Here is where most webmasters go wrong when seeking for web design services. Before coming up with an SEO strategy and implementing it, you need to identify your target audience and the language it uses to search for products and services. Put yourself in their shoes to know what they desire and do what you can to meet their needs. After knowing and understanding your target audience, the next thing is to generate a list of the most used search terms. Analyze your customer base if you can. Don’t just focus on your website but your competitors’ websites as well. This will help you get effective and relevant keywords. You can utilize tools like SEMRush and KeywordSpy to check keyword ranking in other companies. This will put you in a better position when strategizing your SEO within a specific market.

#2 Research on Targeted Keywords

You also need to think of keyword research and analysis. This aspect of website optimization is necessary to establish a list of relevant keywords and phrases. These search teams include long-tail keywords that are highly efficient in driving qualified leads. To establish this, you need a tool like Google Keyword Planner to exploit search rankings of keywords, search phrases, singulars, plurals, and misspellings. Misspelled words can also work as long as you can replicate what is popularly searched for even when it’s incorrect. Your generated list of the most used and relevant searches should match what you are offering. Comparing this list and those of your competitors allows you to exploit different scenarios to come up with an even stronger list that will yield great results in a short period. This is especially useful when creating web content.

#3 Optimize Content for On-Page SEO

The cliché term “content is key” shouldn’t be underrated. Without quality, unique, and engaging content, it is hard to convey your message and interact with your audience. When we are talking about keywords, there must be content to go with them. A detailed article will give you enough content to insert all your keywords. Short articles are not accommodative to all generated keywords. You also need to watch out for keyword staffing to avoid penalties from Google. An optimized content should be long (about 2000 words) per blog article. Comprehensive articles stand a high chance of higher ranking compared to shorter ones. This is because visitors usually search for detailed content that has more information on what they are looking for. But don’t just post long meaningless articles. The content should be appealing to readers and should be conveyed in an easy language to understand the flow.

#4 Improve your Visibility with Off-Page SEO

To ensure that all your keyword research and content creation doesn’t go to waste you need to employ off-page SEO. It is pointless to go through all that trouble without website traffic. Off-page SEO involves promoting your marketing campaign on other platforms besides your website. You will gain significant traffic that will give you backlinks which is Google’s number one ranking factor. If one of these reputable sites link back to you, it will offer suggestions giving you an incredible SEO boost. Some of the ways used to improve your SERP with backlinks and improve your domain authority include:

  • Sharing posts on social media
  • Reach out to other relevant bloggers
  • Writing guest posts
  • Submitting answers to Quora
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Contributing to blogging platforms
  • Creating video content

#5 Test, Measure, and Adjust where Necessary

Website design optimization should be assessed regularly to check whether they are effective. You have to analyze your site traffic, the performance of each keyword, and the overall search engine rankings. Are your keywords performing as they ought to? Is your web traffic increasing? If the progress is not visible you need to get to the root cause to see what is causing the snarl. Use the search results you had before implementation to gauge your current one. This way, you can see how your current strategy is doing. This should be done weekly to ensure that your SEO efforts are not going in vain. There are several tools available to help you with this task but relevant ones are Moz and RankTracker.


Visibility is a vital ingredient in a successful website. Making your site visible to search engines and your potential visitors allows you to get discovered quickly. This also increases your site traffic conversion rate. When designing your website, make sure that it is fully optimized so that it pops up in the first pages of search engines especially Google. However, your SEO effects are gradual and won’t be achieved overnight. It requires investment and constant efforts with lots of patience. Don’t just focus on on-page SEO only and expect great results. Off-page SEO is equally important to achieve greater results in a short while.