Top Cloud Hosting Plan Price Comparison

July 12, 2018

Cloud Hosting has been around for quite a while but has gained a lot of traction in recent years. In simple words, Cloud Hosting offers flexibility and scalability to your website, which single servers struggle to provide. While we recommend that you must compare the features that are important for your website before purchasing a Cloud Hosting plan, in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 Cloud Hosting plans with respect to the scalability offered and compare their prices.

Scalability is the option by which you can increase the resources at work on your website if you experience spikes or decrease the resources during slow periods. It also means that you can control your cost by keeping your resources proportionate to your requirements.

# 1 – ResellerClub


The Cloud Hosting service provided by ResellerClub offers instant scalability. This means that you can monitor your resource utilization and upgrade the CPU and RAM with a single click. The maximum limit per order is 8 cores of CPU and/or 8 GB RAM. They use Ceph storage architecture which gives 3N redundancy that ensures the data remains unaffected even during server failure. They also use Varnish cache which improves the page load speed by 1000%. It is mostly used by content heavy websites and websites with heavy images. Moreover, the application of CodeGuard for website data backups makes it more reliable. CodeGuard also monitors the website and database on a regular basis and alerts if any changes are detected.  

ResellerClub offers three Cloud Hosting plans:

  • Personal starting at $6.39 /mo
  • Business starting at $7.99 /mo
  • PRO starting at $11.99 /mo

# 2 – Hostgator


Hostgator offers a Service Performance Dashboard, using which you can monitor the performance of the resources deployed for your website. If you need more resources, then with a single click you can add up to 8 CPU cores and 8GB RAM.

Hostgator offers three Cloud Hosting plans:

  • Hatchling Cloud starting at $4.95 /mo
  • Baby Cloud starting at $6.57 /mo
  • Business Cloud starting at $9.95 /mo


# 3 – Digital Ocean


A developer-focused Cloud Hosting provider, Digital Ocean offers both vertical and horizontal scaling options. You can also automate the process of scaling.

Digital Ocean offers various plans for its Droplets starting from $5 per month up to $960 per month.

# 4 – BlueHost


BlueHost offers a one-click scalability option, without a reboot, with its Cloud Hosting plans. Its instant resource management offering allows you to add up to 8 cores of CPU and 8GB RAM. No reboots, complex fee structure or downtime.

BlueHost offers three Hosting plans:

  • Starter – from $6.95 /mo
  • Performance – from $8.95 /mo
  • Business Pro – from $15.95 /mo

# 5 – Siteground


Siteground offers managed Cloud Hosting with an auto-scale option allowing to increase the resources deployed if your website experiences a sudden spike in visits.

It offers four Cloud Hosting plans:

  • Entry – starting from $80 /mo
  • Business – starting from $120 /mo
  • Business Plus – starting from $160 /mo
  • Super Power – starting from $240 /mo



While this comparison provides an overview of the Cloud Hosting price offered by top five providers, selecting one should entail more aspects than just price. You must assess the requirements of your website, shortlist the providers that offer relevant features/support and then compare prices. Buying a cheap Hosting plan without considering the features offered can be counterproductive for some.


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