Top Tips to Improve your Site’s Ranking (SEO)

Have you been aspiring to see your site climb up the ladder of great search engines like Google or online listing websites like  Edmonton 411 Smart, these following tips are surely going to be of great help to up the ranking of your site to the peak.

  1. Create Meaningful Contents

Content, as you know, is king, great superlative contents are one major key to moving your site up the ranks in the search engine rankings. Publishing quality contents precisely for your aimed user will grow your site traffic, which also influences your site authority and relevancy.

Try to reflect on what your reader might be looking for on your site (Phrases like, how to make cupcakes, how do I repair my broken cup handle, best schools around west coast), write great contents, try to add these phrases in your content and repeat them through one the page about two to three times in the opening paragraph of the post and the closing, make sure not to overdo repeating these phrases, make use of heading tags, bold and italic to highlight your researched keyword phrases. Make sure you are writing for your users and not search engines. The search engine will take it from there.

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  1. Publish Great Contents Regularly

Keep your site fresh with new and great contents, search engines love it too. A site that is updated regularly is seen as one of the best pointers to a site relevancy when it comes to ranking, besides posting regularly make sure your contents are great for your users.

  1. Metadata

Your site pages have a head tag (<head>) where you can insert metadata, these are pieces of information about the contents published on your site.

Title Metadata: title metadata contain page tiles and information, as seen at the top of your browser tab.

  1. Description Metadata

This is the textual description the browser will use to act on the search request it was given to handle. Think about it as a brief but accurate information about what the site page contains, this will urge them to click on your page.

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  1. Keyword Metadata

These mostly are keywords like search phrases people type on search engines to get the information they are looking for. It’s ideal you add your research keywords in your contents it helps the page become available to users looking for it. When you add these keywords too much to a particular page, search engines are most likely to frown at it, as a result, you are punished.

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