Top Tips to Shop Safely Online

When it comes to online shopping of innovative technological apparels, it’s hard to find that company that is completely transparent.There are so many benefits shopping online that one can take away, it is flexible, quick, easy and most times cost efficient. It’s very true that you can get great deals online compared to physical retail stores. However, looking for that particular online store that is reliable to bring you exactly what you want has been too much of a problem for many.Most stores online hide too many details and don’t really care about their customers. Sometimes I wish every online store can be like who showcases various techy products that will marvel anyone, yet with a high sense of transparency.

With a large number of stores springing up from every corner of the internet daily, comes the real threat of cybercrime, of course, cybercriminals cannot sit this one out, as they are on and about looking for ways to trap online customers.

If you are one that shops online frequently, you need to be aware of these common risks that you can easily avoid, so these online criminals never get the best of you,being aware of these common vectors will help you evade potential crimes against these criminals and furthermore help you teach your loved ones too.

#1: The risk of ‘Phishing Scams

This is one of the most common threats you will find online now and you need to be wary about. It’s quite easy to create a fake site to replicate an original. When a buyer is misled to that page to enter his/her details and immediately the details are hooked from the other end, the buyer becomes a victim of an online scam. Before placing an order on any site make sure you have visited the right site.

#2: Only buy from a reliable vendor

Make sure you have logged on to the right site and before sharing your details be sure to do your findings so you could know how reliable they are. Do some research online to see if the company has good reviews and a good reputation also beware of fake reviews.

#3: Make sure the website uses encryption

A good number of reputable e-commerce store uses encryption, to make sure whatever information shared is encrypted. Take note of the URL “https:// It begins with “Https” and there is usually a padlock icon on the address bar.

#4: Don’t reply to emails with your personal information

This is one of the oldest methods attackers use when you get suspicious emails requesting you enter personal details for products you haven’t purchased or some other form of mail which will lead to sharing your credit card details do not share. A reliable company wouldn’t ask for personal information this way. If an online thief manages to get your information they can use the information or sell it to someone else.

Many people today do not read a website privacy policy, it is really important you check their policy out to fully understand how your information is being used and stored.