User Behaviour Analytics Software, How Your Company Can Benefit

Given the fact that so many companies out there are using computer systems to operate their company and to store large amounts of data, businesses must be seen to be doing more and more in terms of how to protect their information. Cyberattacks are something which can happen to anyone, at any time and even some of the world’s largest companies have become victims of these kind of attacks with large amounts of sensitive information being stolen. This growing risk of being hacked either from outside the business or from inside the business, is exactly why your company should be investing in security for your computers in the business. Let’s take a look then at what the great benefits of user behavior analytics software can do for your company and its security.

Traditional Methods Don’t Work

Older methods of tackling security problem which were once based upon virus signatures and protocol analysis are no longer as effective as they once were. Whilst these traditional practices can still work to a point, they can not detect or delete modern threats which exists. Traditional security methods are also unable to deal with threats which come from inside the business. With this in mind, your business should be looking at updating and investing in modern security systems which can protect all aspects of your business.

Focus on Privilege

Legacy and malware viruses which can attack computers are very simple to detect because of the unique set of signatures which they use but the modern viruses which we have nowadays are far, far more savvy ini terms of how they attack. The modern viruses are able to circumvent the security measures because they create a privileged backup account first, which helps them to gain entry into your systems. The Amazon hack for example, is a proof of how this works and the person who hacked Amazon Web Services, first created a backup privilege account, turned off a number of security measures and then continued to steal large amounts of information.If there and been security in place which was tracked through user behaviour analytics software, the hacked account would have instantly caused a red flag, and therefore been shut down before the hack could take place.

Modern Methods of Attack

One of the more popular ways in which people are attacking is by gaining access to the computer systems by attacking high profile users such as executives and managers. This has changed slightly in recent years however because of the fact that key people within the business like these, are usually very well protected in terms of their security. What the hacker will then do, is to attack the account of someone with a low profile and from there, they can launch their attack. IF user behaviour analytics systems are in place, this kind of attack will be spotted very quickly and the system can shut itself down.