Virtual Reality Shopping On Rise As Technology Gets Cheaper

Lately people are more used to online shopping as it is comfortable, fast and ships directly to doorstep too. However, in online shopping you miss experience of going into a store. To overcome such drawbacks, virtual reality has taken an entry.

If believed to couple of dedicated VR Blogs, it is learned the virtual reality offers convenience of online shopping amid experience of being at a store.

Alibaba launched Buy+ last year to offer shoppers a virtual reality experience with the help of a VR headset. People felt like being around a store busy looking for products and adding those to the cart.

A data reveals about 30,000 shoppers tried the new shopping technology Buy+ an hour after the launching.

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To become a part of such thousands of online shoppers you need a virtual reality headset that ranges from $10 to hundreds of dollars and from brands like Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift.

Simply shop online with it, add items to a virtual shopping cart and pay at PS by giving the details of your credit card.

Amazon too is reported working on such virtual reality shopping.

eBay Australia partnered with Myer to develop the world’s first virtual reality department store, but rahter than a physical store it simulated a web of floating objects.

Ikea came up with an idea to allow users design their own kitchens last year with a HTC Vive. Audi too used the same device to present cars in showrooms.

Even though VR could not replace in-person shopping experience completely, but online retailers and companies are trying to get there. The technology is getting cheaper with further research and now just a smartphone and a $10 Google Cardboard is enough for a consumer to enjoy virtual reality shopping.