Ways to resurrect a dying app

The best part of any app store is the choices it brings to the users. There are at leasthundreds of similar apps in every category one enters in the search box. A boon for the users, choices are a bane for the app developers. If there is one thing that every company who has its app in the market will relate to is that they are very short lived.

In spite of the marketing efforts and delivery of an amazing end product, the app loses its charm once everyone has downloaded it and the second some other company comes around showing off their newer better features. It is not uncommon for us developers and companies to find that the apps that we made, which once made us billionaires, are now on some nth page, lying there, making infrequent revenue.

It definitely hurts to notice that the apps we once made with such great efforts and ideas, have lost their charm now. So what do we do in that case? Should we let it die or takemoves to resurrect them to life and make them our cash cows again? I say resurrect. So let us look at some points with help of which you can make your app come alive once it has been on life support for far too long.

  1. Take help

Go back to the company who made it. Chances are if one of the app development companies that you have chosen havedeveloped a feature app once before they will bring it back to life again too. Arrange a meeting with them and talk about what you expect from the new version and let them handle it then.

  1. Make apps free

Enough with the paid apps, make them apps free now. If your app is free already, make the in app purchases free, let everyone be a premium member.But don’t forget to promote the move. After allhow do you expect people to know that your app is free now without any press coverage?

  1. ASO and PSO

Considering your app has been sitting there for some time now, chances are that the keyword dynamics has changed on the store as well. Gear up and roll out a fresh set of keywords that the newbies are following now and tweak your description accordingly. A different description can do wonders on your store ranking.

  1. Change the look and feel

The look and feel is what people get tired of first. Once you see that your app is getting cornered, change the app icon. It will give people something new to stare at in the store. Next, keep making changes in the app design from time to time to give it a fresh look. Rich Wagstaff, an app developer, doubled his downloads just by tweaking his app icon. Be like Rich.

  1. Localize your app

Have you ever seen the languages option in Google Search and Facebook? Aren’t there many of them? So, if you were thinking that people only search for their apps in English, you couldn’t be farther away from the truth. In order to reach the masses globally, talk in their language.

  1. Sell your app

When everything seems to fail, do this -Sell your app. This will let you focus all your energy on a new app idea. It is anyway better to concentrate on something else when the revenue stream from the one app is getting drier day by day. Websites like Flippa, App business brokers, and Fliptopia make it really easy to sell apps and that too at great prices.

All these strategies applied together or individually will help you gain amazing results when I comes to getting attention on your app. And either way, you always have the solution to sell the app and focus on creating something better, if nothing else works.

Bio: Currently writing for ChromeInfotech, one of India’s leading app development company, Tripti has written on relationships, career, and real estate in her past. But now she is focusing on decoding the mobile world with Ed Sheeran playing on a record in the background.