What Is Computer Software And Games

You hardly know about online games if you scarcely know about OceanOfGames. The impact of gamming to our world cannot be overemphasized. Coming to the web 2.0 age, Games has further made the impact seen than it would. Before we talk more on Games and its impact on depression suppression, let’s look at what a computer game is. A computer game is a computer controlled program that allows players to interact with the displayed visuals on the screen or virtual display for the purpose of entertainment.

The video games however refer to the game played on a personal computer which also runs by a console or machine. It includes other methods which involves sound, vibration as a primary feedback or a controller to ease its use.

Computers go a long way back into history before having games incorporated in them for the use of entertainment. From research Computer and video games was established in 1981 and has since then metamorphose into different levels and varieties for the consumption of the user.

Computers and video games have become part of our lives these days as almost every information can be gotten on the computer. The video games however is an attraction to mostly children from puzzles, to racing, to action to sports, adventure strategy tends to open the child to a more futuristic environment with imaginations that are helpful in form of arts. It is said to deteriorate a user who is addicted to these games. Meanwhile unknown to people. Computer and video games have advantages and disadvantages themselves.

Advantages Of Computer Games

Playing computer games helps the children to stimulate their imaginations. There is an adverse improvement to the creativity and flexibility of the players. Playing computer games are challenging and also very fascinating. There are educational games that improves the knowledge of the children. Computer games also help develop different skills that children may need for learning processes.

Disadvantages Of Computer Games

Time is mostly wasted during these games, Sitting and playing these video games and been on the computer for long hours is not good for the eyes as it is a health hazard because it causes backache, headache etc; Children who often waste their time playing in appropriate games may have it affecting their education

Computer and Video games have always had different methods as to how they work, lately with recent innovation of the virtual media where the player wears the 3D glasses so as to feel the game world is real such as seen on Games, there are turn-around as to how these games work for different users the case maybe.

For a simple Pac Man game, one just have to download the game on the personal computer and run the installation. The game uses just the arrow keys on the keyboard which thereby makes it easy to be understood and followed.

However, for an Adventure game or racing or sport game, the user has to use other parts of the key board by multiple tapping. Here, these games use more than just the arrow keys and some even go as far as using the mouse for clicks and all. One side to these games are the ruining of the keyboard for a system.

For a Virtual media game however, the user just plugs in joysticks and consoles on the computer to wear some of the joysticks which makes the user feel the game is real and its part of the real world. Many sides as to how these games work and children choose they one suitable for them. So To Download Free Computer Games And Software Visit Oceanofgames Or Getintopc