What is VPS Hosting and how to choose the right VPS Provider?

When you want to start a new website you must take in consideration many factors. If your website is new and is not yet populated shared hosting is perfect for you. But if you have a website that grows everyday with contents like an e-commerce store website, you would need many hosting resources to work property. So the best solution for you is VPS (Virtual Private Server Hosting) because it offers the best security, more space, features and advantages but with a higher price.

 What is VPS Hosting?

 VPS is a virtual private server on a powerful hardware  like an shared hosting and dedicated server in one.  One computer often have several VPS with his own operation system who run for a particular user. An VPS can include web server program, file transfer, protocol (FTP), mail server and many application for e-commerce, blogging etc. VPS is often choose by small businesses who can’t afford a dedicated server, have a useful aspect for every one who use this technology      because of ability to maintain multiple virtual server. One good benefit of this technology is that you can root access to your server like a dedicated server. To make more clear  is that you are on a physical machine who shared RAM, CPU, disk space and bandwidth with others but you can get all the resources you need.

   The right VPS Provider

 To choose the right VPS provider  for you involves many factors to take in consideration. First one is the operation system Linux or Windows. Those 2 are popular in any offer. Linux is the cheapest operation system and support a wide range of application and that’s why is the better pick for every user. But there are still some application who not support Linux or work better on Windows like ASP, ASP.NET etc. you should choose to go on Windows.

 Another aspect of choosing the right VPS provider is the server configuration who is very important for your performance and speed. You need to analyse the capacity of the CPU, how much RAM offer and what disk space do you have.

 The bandwidth have an important role for your website. You need to be sure how much bandwidth do you need on your website and you need to make sure you don’t have to pay more money for extra bandwidth .

 The most important part choosing an VPS Provider is to make sure they have a customer support 24/7 because in any time might appear some issues and you need to talk to them for some support.