Why and How to setup password protection for folders

Reasons of using password security:

Newsoftwares Password protection confirms the security of your data stored on multiple workstations and servers. Data that it includes are addresses, timetables, evaluations, grades and payrolls as well. The ability of creating a password that is effective (hard to guess). For example, you might be thinking your protection is active but in reality it isn’t as your password is too easy to guess.

Whatever we do online or virtually is bound to have a password. We are truly indebted to whoever created this masterpiece as it protects our identity on websites and on many other occasions. Even while you transfer funds, you stay safe only with the help of passwords. A password if not too much is a key that you use to enter or leave your house full of stuff that can be easily stolen. It lets you maintain your status without much of an effort and run at full capacity without any hesitation.

However, not trying to sound too modest, but setting a solid password is a rather difficult task as compared to turning the protection on. Hence, don’t take the selection of password for granted cause it isn’t.

Do’s and don’ts of secure passwords:

In many cases, passwords are case sensitive which means, setting your password as ‘HollywoodKing’ is different from ‘hollywoodking’. In short, capitalization matters. Use them or add them in your passwords to be one step ahead of the competition. Symbols of the keyboard like pound, percent, ampersand etc. can be made part of your password which are quite hard to guess, aren’t they? This prevents the easy guess approaches of those hackers who might be near you (in work stations or at home) and can take advantage of being in such a situation.

Photo of Green Data Matrix

In addition, use more characters than the average numbers characters that are commonly used. For example, a password of 12 characters is obviously hard to guess as compared to an 8 or 6 digit password. Know that if you’re using a default password that was provided to you by a system or administration, change it immediately as it is the most easiest to guess.

The final guide of what you can do to create an undisputed password is by selecting a random sequence of numbers, symbols, letters etc. and make it in sequence known only to you.

What should you not do?

Most users consider themselves being always one step ahead of the hackers, which they aren’t, sadly.  For example, many cases have been observed where users have set their password as ‘password’ only thinking it is too hard to guess. No, it isn’t that hard, in fact it is one of the first guesses that comes into the mind of the intruders and they at some occasions succeed in getting past the security. In addition, never do you ever use the commonalities of the things around you like using your DoB, your last, middle name, pet name, nickname etc.

Easiest method of password protecting folder(s):

Select a folder and go to its properties

Here you would see multiple taps at the top

Tap on ‘advanced’ and make sure encrypt content to secure data’ is checked/selected

Click on ‘apply’ and finally ‘ok’

That’s it, your folder is now secure

Internal data protection:


When you protect your folder using the internal security options (as mentioned above), you stay true to the convenience it offers but it doesn’t allow you to rely upon it totally.

Easy to use and not so time consuming


Not safe in every aspect

Easy to breach

Separate folder needs separate efforts