Why Commercial Buildings Need VRF Systems

If you own a commercial building, you need to ensure that every component within the building is well-maintained at all times. One system that you need to take care of is your building’s HVAC system. You would find many ways to reduce energy consumption while providing the same amount of efficiency. One effective way you can carry that out is by installing a VRF HVAC system. 

You should know that a VRF system is an HVAC technology that utilises refrigerant as the cooling. Whereas with mini-split units, the VRF system’s refrigerant is conditioned by a single outdoor condensing unit and spread around the building to several indoor units without ductwork. If you are not convinced to get the system, you can find that it has many benefits. 

Achieve Constant Comfort

What is great about using a VRF system is that it has a compressor unit that can identify each area’s requirements and provide the specific amount of refrigerant needed for every air handling unit. It means that everyone within the building gets to experience equal cooling, which most people want. 

The preciseness of the VRF is that it eliminates the hot and cold spots and humidity issues. Building tenants would not have to ask the maintenance to turn down the temperature from time to time. When you can provide an office building that can maintain a stable temperature all the time, you should expect employee productivity to increase. 


Minimal Noise

There is nothing better than having a commercial building that has a quiet running cooling and heating system. VRF systems can provide that because of its condensing unit installed outside of the building or in a mechanical room. The air handlers are also smaller and more silent than the usual large central units with massive ductwork. 

Having a quieter commercial building is also the best way to increase employee productivity further. You will not have any employee or building tenant complaining about the noise that is coming out of the system. 

Achieve Better Energy-Efficiency

Some HVAC systems would take a large portion of your energy bills, which is never a good sign. That is a good enough reason to purchase VRF systems if you want to make your commercial building energy-efficient. The more you can reduce your energy bills, the more budget you can save and spend on other building necessities. 

A VRF system is created to operate at different speeds, supplying the perfect amount of refrigerant needed to cool an area under its current condition. That helps the system run at lower energy and less frequently, which utilises less energy. 

Easy to Install

If you still have an outdated HVAC system, installing a new VRF system will be easy because of its flexibility and compactness. It does not make service shafts or maintenance rooms tight, ensuring technicians and maintenance personnel can do the repairs and maintenance without a problem. Hefty pipes, distribution fans, and water pumps are no longer needed for its operation. Since the system does not take up too much space, it would mean more room to utilise however you want. 

Since you now know the many benefits of VRF systems, do not hesitate about installing one in your commercial building right away. You should expect more positive feedback from the tenants once you have it installed.