Why It Is A Good Idea To Become A Faster Typist And How To Attain That.

The basic thing about learning computer is the ability to type fast. Still, People are having computers or laptops in past several years but they are still lacking in typing speed. It is seen that students are always mingling with the keyboard and waste more time in typing. Even it is the same problem with the adults that they look at the keyboard a search for the keys and then type. Computers and Laptops are invented by the humans and learning how type is not hard at all. For beginners typing can be a hurdle to cross but it is not that puzzle oriented.

  1. Understanding the keyboard: Keys in any keyboard are the same. The first line of alphabets are QWERTYUIOP, the second line is ASDFGHJKL and the third line ZXCVBNM. The alphabets are typed both in upper and lower cases. Remembering the key position is not enough, the fingers have to work accordingly with only just thinking about the words. Give a proper glance at the keyword before going to type. In this way, typing becomes easier and has to worry less. The keyboard can be big or small but they are still having same keys.

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  1. Placing the fingers position: Placing his fingers is the basic concept to start typing. The keys “F” and “J’ are having markers which anyone feels by moving fingers on them. Place the index fingers of each hand on these keys. This is beginners typing first lesson that is common and still, people do not know it. Place the index fingers and when the tying of the first word is complete bring the fingers back in the starting positing. Only the fingers have to be moved and not the whole hand. Just place the fingers and make it work.
  1. Use of all fingers: It is a normal thing to see that most of us are typing using only two fingers. Believe it, it takes more time and also there are many mistakes. Making the habit of typing with all fingers is a bit hard for the start by once getting a hold of it makes things simple. Remember the key position of “F” and “J”.
  1. Practice: Speed and accuracy for typing will not come in few days. A person has to give time to make things working. Also, make sure to sit in a straight up position and do not lean or bend. Just keep on practicing and it will be beneficial at any stage of life.