You Got to Try the Revolutionary Electric Shaver

Shaving is always a part of a man’s personal care kit. Not just men, but also women. All of us spend time to shave. Thanks to modernization, almost everything can be done conveniently. Even shaving! Yes, an electric shaver saves half of your time. Without looking into its benefits and advantages, an electric shaver can be expensive. But counting all, you will soon find that spending for one is very economical.

Ironically, in this world of gadgets and technology, an electric razor is not something common in every home. Wait a second. Do you know when was the first electric razor invented? The first electric shavers came around 1960s but since are rather delicate units, they did not become popular.Image result for You Got to Try the Revolutionary Electric Shaver

Nice to Know About Shaving:

  • An average male face has approximately 3000 hairs.
  • About ninety percent of men shave on a daily basis.
  • Majority of men prefer wet shaving using a conventional blade.

The fact that people spend time to shave each day makes an electric razor beneficial. If you shave around 5-10 minutes, with an electric razor it won’t take you 2 minutes. More than that, you won’t even need to shave that often. An electric shaver does not require shaving cream. And so much more, you can avoid getting cut.

Why are Electric Shavers not Popular?

Despite the fact that technology has enhanced significantly, electric shavers are not that famous. Maybe because many think that the latter gives inferior shave. This is not really necessarily true. For some, they find electric shavers expensive and impractical. Not now! You can get a good shaver around $20. And you can enjoy best deals and offers from various online and offline stores. Spend time to search and compare prices in the best shopping place on earth – the web. Indeed, you can find various models and brands along with great features without even spending a single dollar on transport cost.

Why Choose an Electric Shaver Over the Traditional Razor Cutter?

  • Unlike the old razor blade, electric shaver shears away hairs faster. No need to run over the same area of your face again and again.
  • Electric shavers are portable.
  • It reduces the risk of cuts.
  • Unlike traditional razor, it does not require shaving cream or any after shave gels.
  • Blades do not dull quickly. Blades may last 6 months or more unlike razor blades which require to be changed after being used 3-5 times.
  • The unit is long-lasting and durable.

Disadvantage of an Electric Shaver:

  • Electric shaver may not result to super smooth shave.
  • It takes time to learn the right timing in using the electric shaver.
  • Most electric razors especially those battery-operated razors cannot be used under the shower
  • Some electric razors are noisy.
  • Electric shaver requires maintenance.
  • Requires big initial investment.

I hope you are more convinced now. Check out the latest electric shavers. Let’s change the figures. You ought to experience the revolutionary electric shavers.