10 Apps every Small business owner should have

There is nothing sweeter to a small business owner than being able to accomplish more tasks in less time or make a complicated task simpler. Hence comes in the power of the phone and its applications. Apps not only make tasks faster but their biggest advantage in simplifying what would be otherwise complicated operations. If you are a business owner living in the 21st century we hope to god that you are utilizing the power of apps, otherwise you are more than likely wasting a lot of time on things that can be done much quicker from a phone App. As a CEO of a small business myself I can’t imagine living for 2 hours without my phone, that’s how essential apps are to how I run my business. With that said, there is an endless list of apps available for users and we know it can be complicated and time consuming to choose the apps that are the best in their categories. We navigated the endless list of apps on the IOS and Android marketplace and compiled a list of apps that are specifically use full for a small business owner. These apps we compiled will help you organize and document your business’s receipts, send faxes, take notes, collaborate on documents with co-workers all from your phone.

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