3 Common Metals Used in Custom Build Fabrication Projects

Gold Coast attracts hundreds of families and migrants each year because of its affordability and low accommodation rates compared to other major cities.

If you happen to live in Gold Coast, one of the common sights you’ll see in houses, rentals, and most commercial spaces are metal fabrications. Customised fences, gates, railings, and indoor stairs are often made from custom fabricated metal to provide a unique look.

It’s interesting to know that metal fabrication in gold coast is a major industry with numerous service providers in the area. If you are looking for quality aesthetics in your home, metal fabrication options can be the thing for you.

Stainless Steel Reigns in the Metal Fabrication Industry

The move to modern allure has made stainless steel one of the best choices for most homes and commercial spaces in the city. You would typically see handrails in public areas like parks and commercial outdoor railings made from reinforced stainless-steel metal.

Stainless steel has become a predominant choice for most people because it offers a stylish finish, an elegant look, and it is known for its granular strength. Stainless steel also ticks most of the boxes in metal fabrication because it is less expensive and almost maintenance-free.

The material is also highly versatile when it comes to design and styles. It can be fitted onto brickwork, concrete, timber, or combined with other materials to create sophistication. Stainless steel can mix contemporary and modern outlooks, bringing a level of glamour to your home.

Mild Steel is a Low-cost Option to Guard and HandRails

Of all the materials used, mild steel offers the cheapest option for your guard and handrail needs. The material has a low market price, and technicians find the material easier to work with.

Unlike stainless steel, which often comes in the form of hollow tubes, mild steel is easily moulded to create intricate designs. For strength and durability, you can opt for carbon steel which is intended for heavy use.

One of the downsides to opting for mild steel is its corrosion-prone quality. Therefore, when opting for this low-cost metal fabrication alternative, you need to have it regularly inspected and maintained to prevent early deterioration.

Brass Metal Provides an Elegant and Posh Appeal to Your Property

Brass metal was once considered the leading material for fittings, handrails, and railings because of its finesse. You can still see this material from old country pubs and upscale residential areas where wood is stained and varnished.

Brass fittings are also commonly seen in public places around Gold Coast, often combined with stainless steel and glass materials. Brass provides a high-class look to any living space. It is highly non-corrosive and withstands time because of its distinctive and custom look.

Unlike other materials, brass is more elaborate in fashion and is often not the best choice for complex profiles. The material, though, is a good option if you want to achieve better corrosion resistance and strength for your home fixtures. In addition, brass alloys are more commonly used for decorative purposes, including castings and moulds.

Having your handrails, balusters, gates, and fences tailored using metal fabrication can bring a certain look and feel which is not found in any other alternative. You can contact any provider of metal fabrication in gold coast for this purpose. The best way to bring elegance to your home is to get a partner whose service encompasses custom fabrication of the metals.