4 Tips for Better Website Design

Nowadays, web design can make or break an online business. It helps people judge the credibility of the company. Consequently, it influences whether or not they will do business with that company. 

Besides being of enormous importance, website design tends to be subjective. There are many opinions on website design, and tastes differ.

No matter how subjective people may be on specific templates and images, though, several scientifically proven tips can help turn your website into a success. Here are four basic ones to give you a starting point. 

Focus On Speed

Website speed is important. It has an impact on every success marker of your website – satisfaction, sales, bounce rate, and more. Not only will people leave a slow website, but search engines also rank you lower if your page loads too slowly.

Invest in making the website as fast as possible. That way, prospective clients will stick around to witness other, more subtle improvements you made.

Keep It Simple

Google did a massive study which showed that website visitors don’t prefer visual complexity. Instead, they will rate more simple designs as more beautiful. Two main areas differentiate too complicated websites from minimalist, beautiful ones.

Consider your sidebar. Many sites today are getting rid of it and using single-column design instead. Doing so reduces distractions and simplifies the layout. 

Don’t go overboard. You may turn away your visitors by out-of-the-ordinary website designs. Instead, stick to what a visitor might expect from your type of business. There are different methods for you to stand out. 

For example, https://www.msyorkville.com/milton-real-estate-agent is a website of a real estate agent. Nothing particularly pops in the design of the website. Still, a user can find everything, and it looks professional.

Link to Social Media

Having your visitors share your fantastic content and products goes a long way marketing-wise. It generates more traffic on your website, and you shouldn’t miss out on that. Besides, people expect to be able to share what they like. 

Social sharing buttons also look beautiful, adding to website design. Plus, putting them up is an excellent way to use call-to-action without seeming too pushy.

Make the Navigation Simple

Website navigation is a map of the core places your visitors can find within a web page. If the navigation interface on your website doesn’t look organized and modern, it instantly makes people suspicious of the competence of your company.

To enable your visitors to find what they need, try to make your navigation bar clean and straightforward. That way, they won’t go to one of your competitors for better user experience.

The Bottom Line

Your website design matters. Before you start developing your idea, be sure you are familiar with the dos and don’ts for maximum achievement. 

While the ‘ideal’ website leans on more than the techniques mentioned above, they are an excellent place to start. Trends change, but these principles stay. 

Start implementing these tips one by one. Don’t stop until your website is drawing customers and making them stay daily.