5 Affordable SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

Increasing your website’s traffic doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Check out these great, affordable SEO tips for small business owners, here.

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The digital world can be confusing for small business owners. Worse than that, trying to find an affordable SEO solution when you have tight budgets can be a minefield for even the most established small business owners.

When you look at some statistics, it’s easy to see why spending money on SEO can be a daunting process. Reports looking at small businesses shows that 20% of small businesses still don’t have even a website.


They also discovered that an additional 54% didn’t have any budget for SEO.

To make the whole process of SEO more affordable for you, this post will take you through five affordable SEO tips you can implement for your business today.

1. Publish Great Quality, Longer Content

One of the great things about extended content is you can focus on hitting different keywords for Google. Typically you also find that Google values websites and ranks them higher if their content focuses on the reader.

When Google rolled out their Panda update, one of their technical staff members Pandu Nayak, informed us that although users turn to Google to answer a quick question, up to 10% of the daily information for typical users revolves around learning about a broad topic.

Google’s focus on helping users find high-quality content makes creating high quality, in-depth articles crucial.

2.Optimize Your Onsite SEO

One of the most affordable SEO solutions to boost your SEO is to optimize your website. Mostly what you are doing is helping Google to navigate your site while also focusing on targeting keywords.

There are numerous ways you can improve your onsite SEO:

  • Reduce image sizes for quick page load speeds.
  • Name and label your images with keyword relevant phrases, including adding an alt tag.
  • Make sure only to have one H1 header tag and focus on using keywords in your header tags.

Optimizing your website is one of the quickest SEO solutions you can apply for small businesses.

3. Analyse Your Competition

As a small business, you are going to have competition within your sector. One of the most affordable SEO strategies is to scope out what your competition is doing.

Check out what keywords they are targeting, where they are gaining their backlinks from and see if you can replicate and achieve similar results.

4. Use Internal Linking Effectively

Many businesses focus on external links, but internal linking can be another effective way to build affordable SEO for your site.

By focusing on linking back to relevant content for each post you write, not only will Google index your site more efficiently but your readers will also read more of your content.

5. Turn Your Website into a Blog

To blog or not to blog? If you’re not already blogging on your site, it might be time to change. Blogging allows you to build relevant content around your small businesses niche, and add value for your readers.

The main benefit, however, is to build valuable pages with keyword rich information that helps your website rank higher on Google.

Affordable SEO, Shouldn’t Be Hard

Using these five easy tips, you should be able to grow your small businesses SEO affordably without having to break the bank. If you need help starting a project, reach out to us today.