5 benefits of Call Tracking and Why Every Business Needs Call Tracking

Usually, you receive a call and some query is being made or even a sale is done but what after that? Being the owner or sales manager won’t you want to know what was the source of the call and what made the customer to make the call?

Yes, definitely you need it. You need to know the source of the call so that if later on while making the marketing plan you can target those sources more and in an optimized way. All these can easily be done with the help of call tracking software. There is many call tracking software available in the market which you can try. Personally, we have been using Ringba and so far, experienced the best from it.

To get all these details like from where you are getting calls, what is making the customers to make the call and different KPIs like the geography, duration of the call, the frequency of the call and much others.

Let’s see some of the benefits of using the call tracking software and the reasons why every business need a call tracking software no matter what is the niche and size of the business.

Transforming Lead Generation

In a traditional way, you will be seeing and hearing that the companies keep on looking for the leads through some outbound marketing. For the same, they used to use the social media marketing or pay per lead-based campaigns etc. But they miss the great opportunity of getting leads from their inbound calls. But with the modern system, call tracking platforms have made it realistic to get the leads from inbound calls. The leads are highly convertible, and the best thing is those are almost free.

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Making Customer Experience better

Call tracking software basically allows you to automate the call routing features. That means to say, usually, you will be having a single number to show and then the call must be transferred to the different department based on their number assigned. Call tracking software like Ringba automates all these and no manual intervention needed for the same. By this way, the time will be saved, and your customer won’t get irritated with different call transfers.

Optimizing Sales

With the help of the tool, you can optimize your sales. These software allows you to capture various parameter while the call is undergoing which will later help you understand the requirement of the customers. Later you can analyze these and understand the need of your customer and accordingly you can optimize the sale and campaign.


Being the business owner, you won’t be having much time to look into each data and calls. The best way to manage all these is reporting. Ringba offers excellent reporting platform which will help you create and generate different reports for your business on demand. The best thing is you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge or coding to generate those reports.

Seamless Integration

You may be working with the different other CRMs or tools for different customers. With Ringba or other call tracking platform, you can integrate other tools with Ringba which will help you get all the details from a single platform.

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These were some of the important benefits of having a call tracking platform which will help you manage inbound calls for business benefits. Make sure to use Ringba if you business involve any kind of inbound calls so that you can get best out of it.