5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Selecting Live Chat Software

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Live chat services have started becoming popular these days. There are not many people who use it at the moment, but the rate of satisfaction is quite high as compared to all the other customer service channels.

Depending on the needs and business requirements of a company, the task of choosing the right live chat provider is a tedious thing to do. You might think that the service models have the same marketing messages and ads that you desire, but behind that each service has its own set of multiple features. So, if you are looking forward to select the right live chat integration program, then here are a few questions that you must ask prior to the selection:

  1. What Is the Type of Hosting?

The first thing that you should ask the live chat software provider is the type of hosting that is applicable. You must first check the requirements for your company and then see whether you would like to host the chatting software on your own server or use it as a software as a service. Software as a service hosting may look like an expensive choice, but it usually covers up all the costs of installation and maintenance.

  • Do You Provide Assistance?

You must ask the provider whether he is going to provide you with just the software or is he going to allot a few people who are going to help you manage the system till the time you get familiar with it. They should help you with live chat integration in website and other such technical tasks. However, the cost for these two things is going to differ. You can either opt for in-house support or rent just the software.

  • Do You Help with Installation?

One of the most important things that you should ask for is the steps for the installation. If the software does not have a friendly setup, then it is going to be very complex and time consuming. You must also ask the provider about the different kinds of integration that are likely to be necessary. Like for example, would a content management system be required and what will be the different kinds of plugins that will be operated upon.

  • Is Client Support Available?

The primary reason why you are getting the live chat software installed is to ensure that your customers are getting satisfied with the services. Thus, you must ask the provider to offer you some assistance so that you are able to handle the clients in a much better way. You must ask the provider about the channels of communication that are available and how they can be implemented to your environment.

  • Is It Compatible with All Operating System and Mobile Devices?

You must always ask the service provider whether the software that they are offering works properly on all the operating systems without limiting the operations or features. You must also ask the provider whether the software can be managed and controlled with the help of a mobile so that you can keep conducting the operations from a remote location also. You should also find out about live chat API is fully documented and powerful.

If you ask the above mentioned questions before making a choice, then we assure you that you are likely to get the ideal live chat software that is going to largely benefit your business.