5 Things Not to Post on Social Media 

Social media is a great way to connect with people online. You can see what people are up to, where they go on vacation, if they get a new job, or if they’re having a baby. It’s perfect for friends or family members that live far away and are able to stay connected. 

However, it can turn south if you’re not careful. It’s important not to post every single thing that’s going on in your life and keep some privacy. Future or current employers can look at your pages to see how responsible you are online. 

We’re going to go over the things you should never post on your social media accounts. 

Problems at Work

We all get annoyed by our workplaces. Maybe the girl who sits next to you talks too much, and your manager gave the wrong person a promotion or the owners aren’t handling your personal injury at work seriously. Whatever it is, don’t post your frustrations online. 

You could potentially get fired if someone you work with sees it, or if you’re in a lawsuit with your company because you’re protected under provincial laws that can enable you to file a personal injury claim in some situations, the lawyers at Diamond & Diamond state. 

Posting about the status of your case can be used as evidence against you, and you could potentially lose the case. We’re sure you don’t want to lose your job or a claim from a simple post online, so think twice! 

Inappropriate Photos 

Did you have a great weekend at your buddy’s Bachelor Party, or received a great Valentine’s gift from your significant other? You don’t have to comment about it on social media. Firstly, no one wants to see that type of content online, and you should think about the others in the photo as well. 

A fun photo in your bathing suit on vacation or you with some friends at a bar is completely fine to share. But, nothing more than that should go up onto your page. Before posting, think about if you want your mother or grandmother to see this picture, then share. 

Offensive Content 

On social media, you want to show the best of yourself, not the worst. Refrain from writing anything that could be taken as racist, sexist, or offensive in any way. Even if you’re joking around, some people take these topics seriously and will get upset. 

You don’t want to lose connections or friendships with people because you made them mad from a post. We all have different views, but just remember social media is a public place, and a lot of people use it for entertainment, not to be offended. 

Threats to Others 

Yes, it’s true; you can get emotional during an argument online. However, it doesn’t give you the right to bully or threaten others from behind your phone or computer screen. Saying anything degrading or mean about someone can have a spiraling effect. 

You never know what’s going on in someone’s life or if they’re already in a bad situation. They don’t need more online. Remember, behind all profiles is a real person with valid feelings and emotions. 

Illegal Content 

Whether it’s drugs, speeding, or any other unlawful activity, never post about it. You won’t look cool because you’re breaking the rules. Future employers, universities, or friends might see these posts and deny you. 

Also, if you’re friends with or following someone who’s a police officer or works in the legal field, those people can report you. Then, you might face some legal trouble from your actions. For the rest of your life, you’ll have to explain yourself when you need a background check. 

This will never look good in any circumstance, so if you’re doing something illegal, don’t post it! 

The Bottom Line  

Social media is like its own virtual world when you think about it. We can share photos, post live videos, chat instantly, and even buy things through many platforms now. However, it’s still mainly new for us. 

What we post as teenagers or in college can negatively affect us in the future. Always remember to never post about problems at work, inappropriate photos, offensive content, threats or bullying to others, or illegal content. 

Before you click “Post,” it’s a good idea to reread everything and think twice about the possible consequences of your actions online. Keep everything positive and fun, and then you won’t be in any problems.