5 ​ ​Tips ​ ​to ​ ​Hide ​ ​Your ​ ​Identity ​ ​As ​ ​You ​ ​Torrent

Torrenting without taking security measures opens up a myriad of potential problems, inducing incessant worries about the privacy and security while torrenting. In 2011, a research proved that 15% of file sharers hide their IP address but this is steadily growing, reaching perhaps as high as 70%. There is a solid reason behind these numbers and that is: security. You can also feel secure while torrenting if you are willing to use following instructions:

  • Hide Your IP address from all torrents, viruses and trackers.
  • Hide your downloads and web history.

1.Using a Non-Logging VPN/Proxy

Virtual Private Network is a powerful tool to access torrent in an anonymous way. You can use any of the free or paid VPN services to hide your IP address 100% from the hackers and viruses.

2. Organize your Torrent software for more privacy

It’s very good that you are using VPN. Connect to VPN server in a torrent-friendly location then open your torrent and start downloading whatever you want. Proxy setup must be set on your computer. If you set proxy setting in your computer, then it automatically activates its services whenever you will be trying to access torrent in future. Using VPN+ Proxy both it gives you best and amazing results for privacy options. It totally hides your identity from trackers and ISP.

3.  Keep Your Web Browsing/ History Private

Most of the people think that if they search in private browsing mode(Firefox) or Incognito Mode(Chrome) then it is secure and private. This is simply not correct.

Google can track your search history although you are using VPN. Your ISP will track your activities and download history but you still have a chance to hide your activities if you are following the below tricks:

  • Use Tor Browser for browsing the internet anonymously. It is totally secure and hides your identity and your internet history.
  • DuckDuckGo search engine is a safe way to hide your online activities especially when you are torrenting.

4. Avoid IP Outflows

New vulnerabilities are found in VPN software all the times. Some only affect special providers, some affect whole VPN protocols. Here I have something for you which can help you reduce the risk of your identity exposure.

  • Use a VPN Kill Switch, it helps quickly kill your internet connection if the VPN fails.
  • Update your VPN software daily and get latest updates.
  • Use IPLeak.net to check for other leaks.

5. Hide by BTGuard

You can easily hide by using torrent Friendly VPN BTGuard. It hides your IP address from the public and other trackers. It is powerful security tool to help you use torrent safely. It gives good privacy and security to your online activities.

In short, using uTorrent without hiding your identity will always land you in trouble but following above ways will always give you amusement while you are torrenting.