5 top ideas for Halloween Lights this October

Are you decorating for Halloween last minute but don’t know where to start with Halloween lights? If so, we have the tips for you! Whether you are hosting a party or just welcoming trick or treaters, use our low costs ideas to make this Halloween memorable.

  • Add some colour

Coloured Halloween lights to give your home a creepy unnatural glow. Why not try a red or green theme for something unique!

  • Dim the lights and make shadows

Keep the ceiling lights low and use smaller lights to keep an air of spookiness and shadows around every corner.

  • Use spotlights to highlight props

Shadows are important but so is highlighting your creatures and decorations around your home.

  • Get some candles

There’s nothing like a flickering candle to add authenticity and cut your electricity bills! Whether inside a pumpkin, lantern or stand, candles are sure to make you think of Halloween.

  • Go crazy with UV paint

Now for a more unusual alternative to Halloween lights. Get some UV paint and splatter onto sheets or write cryptic messages, to be lit up with UV lights. Extra fun can be had by turning off the UV lights at the start of your event, and then turning them on later to give the impression that messages have been written by no one! Glow sticks can also be used, and are a cheaper alternative.