5 Ways to Solve Transparency Issues at Work

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Transparency” at work? If you think that monthly meetings, comprehensive reports and open floors have something to do with transparency, then you are wrong. Transparency at work is about accountability. It closely aligns with the core values of the organization. In this article, we look at five ways to help you improve transparency at workplace.

1.   Clearly Define Everything

Whether it is job responsibilities or job roles, you should define them clearly and ensure that all your team members understand it. If your employee does not understand, what their roles are and what you expect from them, transparency issue will emerge. To ensure that this does not happen, you should coordinate with human resource department to clearly define job roles and responsibilities of every employee and make them aware about the policies.

2.   Empower Employees and Trust them with Decisions

When you do not involve employees in the decision making process, and impose your decision on them, it creates a sense of mistrust among your employees. You need to empower them by giving responsibilities. When you give them responsibilities, they will feel motivated. Start by giving them small assignments where they have to make decisions so they can polish their decision-making capabilities.

One of the habits of effective leaders is empower people to take right decisions. Managers should develop a system that functions independently even if they are not there to supervise it. This would only be possible by preparing future leaders. The best way to do that is by empowering your employees. A system that depends heavily and revolves around personalities perishes sooner rather than later therefore, you should never try to either develop or implement such a system.

3.   Avoid Biasness

Nothing puts a bigger dent on transparency than being biased. Most employees complain about lack of transparency when they see their peers being promoted ahead of them even when their performances are not up to the scratch. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth of employees and gives a clear indication that the workplace environment is not transparent. As a manager, you do not want that feeling to develop in your employees as it can dent their confidence and motivation level, which will reflect negatively on your team productivity. Evaluate the performance of every employee and reward employees who deserves it. You can also use online task management software for businesses like TaskQue to monitor performance of each employee.

4.   Establish an Open Communication Channel

Another reason of lack of transparency at workplace is poor communication among employees and top management. Most transparency issues arise when employees do not report them to higher authorities due to excessive hierarchy or fear. When you eliminate that, you can achieve transparency at workplace. Encourage your employees to share their opinions with you and be easily accessible to them. You can take advantage of communication and collaboration features of team collaboration software for companies to ensure uninterrupted communication

5.   Show Results

Do not share results in confidential meetings. Instead, you should openly share results with your employees so that they know what areas to improve on. This will help them in bringing future improvements. When you share the outcomes of the quarter or annual report findings with your employees, it develops a sense of trust because you are not keeping them in the dark about the current state of the company. When your employee trusts you, they will stand alongside you in prosperity as well as during the financial crisis.


Empowering employees to handle tough situations and take decisions as well as establishing an open communication can do wonders. Avoid unfair favoritism and be as clear and as open as you can be with your employees. All this will help you in gaining employee trust and keep them motivated, which will help you in tackling difficult business situations. You can easily create a transparent environment at workplace and reap the rewards if you follow the aforementioned advice. If you are facing any other transparency problem at workplace and know the solution, then share it with us in comments section below.