6 Awesome Web Development Trends in 2019

Website is vital in bringing and retaining users from attract to delight stages of the buyer’s journey. A well-built website provides shops of knowledge where users love to spent time and wish to return again and again. To attract a flood of new visitors to your website you should start doing new things and follow the latest technologies in web development.

It’s 2019 and old ways don’t work now. So, presenting 6 awesome web development trends in 2019 that promise fresh experience to new and existing users.

  1. Get a responsive design

3-4 years ago the computer was the clear winner and the major website traffic source than mobile.

But not every trend stays forever. The same happened with desktops. Mobiles have stretched their reign as a leading traffic source. According to a report, 57% of traffic now comes from mobile and tablets. (https://searchengineland.com/report-57-percent-traffic-now-smartphones-tablets-281150)

It clarifies one thing- mobile is the future.

Thus, your website must be adaptable to the size of the screen. That’s why you need a responsive design.

For a WordPress website, you can add a WPTouch mobile plugin to your existing theme.

Responsive websites spread the message that you fulfil your responsibility towards a variety of readers.

  1. Say yes to artificial intelligence

You can’t be available for your website 24×7. Guess who can?

A Genie?

Yes, a genie named artificial intelligence.

With artificial intelligence, machines can now work as a human. They can learn, solve queries, collect information, show emotions and analyze.

AI now has chatbots like Alexa or Siri and these have made the user experience smooth. You are missing a lot if you are not choosing artificial intelligence.

  1. Progressive web applications

In future applications will rule over websites because of speed and being mobile friendly. The best solution for users would be choosing the best of both worlds i.e. using PWA.

PWA is a sum of website and application. It is a website though but the navigation, notification, and functions are that of an application.

Giants in their field like Alibaba, twitter, and Forbes are using PWA. And you should do it in 2019.

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Take help from experts like Zfort Group.

Zfort provides professional and friendly technologies solution to users. They cover everything from web development to mobile apps. Zfort work both for startups and established business and the icing on the cake is there unique customized approach for every customer.

  1. Enable voice search

Typing query will soon be out of fashion as Google relies on the voice search option. In the coming years, voice search will sideline the typing query because it’s both user and SEO friendly.

So overlooking voice search is a big no in 2019.

  1. Get motion UI on board

User engagement is the kingmaker of any website. It attracts and retains user and lowers the bounce rate.

Grab user attention by a motion UI powered homepage. Add exciting animations. Play with colors. All this will make your website eye-catching.

  1. Advance with accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Every second of your website loading time matters. Fix in your mind that your user has no patience. Fast websites worked well yesterday, but today only fastest websites rule.

Using accelerated mobile pages build websites that take about 2 seconds to load. Because your website visitors love speed and so does Google.

Wrapping up with a pro tip- copy or create. Copy your peers because if it worked for them it may work for you also. Or create a new interface or website element because no one knows what works. Keep experimenting!