7 Easy ways to boost your Facebook Page Engagement

Facebook is the dominant social media platform, and your business should be active in it. One of the tools in it is the Facebook Page. This is where you can create a page for your business. It provides many insights that you can strategically use.

The best part to this is that it can act as a place for you and your customers to develop a good relationship by engaging them with interesting content and interaction. If you’re in the Big Apple, you can hire a social media marketing company NYC if you want a professional to handle your social media accounts or if you’re still starting out, you can use the seven strategies below to create an active community in your page.

Post when they’re online

One of the insights available on your Facebook page is the times your fans are online. It makes sense, therefore, to do your posting during those hours so that they will see it in their feed and engage with you. Experiment and see which hours would bring the most engagement to your page.

Create interesting videos

Regarding reach and engagement, videos are your best bet! If you’re an introvert, you don’t have to be the one in the video. You can craft great videos related to your topic without you being in the spotlight. Start with your smartphone. Experiment with short videos and see which ones resonate with your audience. Another tip: Put captions. Most videos on Facebook play without sound.

Get into the limelight, Go Live

If you’re not camera-shy, it’s time to let yourself out there by going live. Facebook live sessions have higher engagement and can lead to more comments. Strength of going live is that it boosts authenticity for your brand because they see the human side of it through you.

Share other brands’ content

Being generous will help boost your engagement tremendously. One way to do this is to curate and share content from other brands related to your niche. It positions you as an expert, and other brands might look to collaborate with you. Share only their best content, and they will see your page as a hub for excellent content that helps them in their lives.

Ask Questions

There is something about intriguing questions. We are compelled to give our two cents on topics that matter to us. So select carefully the items you’d like to ask your audience. Think of the things that matter to them. You can also show that you’re up to date with current events by connecting it to your niche.

It’s ok to recycle

You don’t have to pressure yourself to make great content all the time. It’s recommended to recycle your previous top posts. The insights page will yield information as to which posts resonated the best with your audience. So from time to time, post it again. The odds are is that a lot of your fans haven’t seen it yet.

Reply to comments

It’s a must to reply to comments. It shows there is a human being behind the page and this can strengthen your connection with your fans. Be enthusiastic and use emoticons and smileys to convey emotion. These comments are gold to fans, and they will feel happy and appreciated.

Final thoughts

Don’t see your Facebook Page management as a drag. See it as a fun way to market and build customer connection. Eventually, these fans can become actual customers as they now trust your business. That’s your return on investment for this platform.