7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers 

April 18, 2020

Instagram is the hotbed of all social media platforms right now. With over a billion users liking billions of posts every day, it is arguably the most active social media platform worldwide as of now.  

This has presented an immaculate marketing opportunity for businesses, which is evident by the number of businesses that are present on Instagram now. One of the greatest milestones for basically every business (and person) on Instagram is getting more followers, which we’ll talk about below. 

Gaining Low Priced Likes, Followers, and Views sounds like a cup of cake but it really isn’t. there’s a long checklist of things you must do in order to gain a significant Instagram following. With massive updates to Instagram’s algorithm, getting followers has become both harder AND easier than before! 

So, without any additional delay, let’s get into 7 ways you can increase your Instagram followers!

#1 Make noise by following others

This is somewhat novice but is still effective nonetheless. One of the easiest ways of increasing your Instagram followers is by following others!
Another option you might consider is to buy instagram followers from a well-reputed company on the internet.

Following influencers and other individuals/businesses relevant to your niche can help put the word out about you. The preferred method of going about this is to follow a profile and then proceed to engage with at least 3 of their posts. 

This should ideally include commenting on their posts. P.s. make relevant comments, stay away from generic ones like “Nice photo”. 

Following a profile can lead to a follow back, which is why it’s important to do this. Of course, it’s vital to have good content on your profile in order to warrant this, which brings us to our second point.  

#2 Post good content 

Instagram in its pure essence is a picture-sharing platform. This is why it is absolutely essential for you to post content that actually interests people and entices them to follow you. 

Considering the millions of businesses on Instagram that are principally doing the same thing as you, you need to ensure your content brings value to your followers. Posting content that is irrelevant to your niche can lead to you missing out on a vast range of potential customers. 

One very important thing that’s worth mentioning here is that captions matter. A lot. You can use captions to describe your image among a host of other things. Good captions often lead to more engagements, which in turn brings your profile to others’ feeds through the “following” tab in their apps. 

#3 Stay consistent 

For this point, we’ll use the example of meme pages. Meme pages have millions of followers on Instagram and elsewhere, which turns out to be really amusing for businesses that are just starting out on the platform. 

Do you know how these pages garner millions of followers? They post the same kind of content. Their content is humorous and that leads to a number of things. 

First off, people tag their friends and generally other people on funny posts. This leads to an increase in engagement on individual posts and in the number of people who visit your profile. 

Once these people visit your profile, they tend to notice how all of your content is humorous and thus “categorize” you as a funny page. This categorization is the real king. 

This builds up their expectations as to the kind of content you’ll post in the future and if it interests them, they’ll follow you. 

The same concept can be applied to businesses too. Say you’re an eCommerce setup that sells tech products. People who are interested in tech are highly likely to follow you as they want to keep an eye on the products that you sell. 

#4 Repost content made by others 

*all hell breaks loose*

Wait wait, we aren’t asking you to steal content! 

There’s a handy app called “Repost App” that helps you repost content from other profiles to your profile. So if there’s anything you think would go down well with your existing followers, you can repost it using the app. 

Keeping the point stated above in view, people would tag their friends, thus starting the engagement and follow cycle. 

This can be done especially when you feel your content cannot match the quality of that posted by others. There’s no shame in admitting this; it’s better to repost share-worthy content than to post uninteresting stuff. 

#5 Actively engage with your followers 

Yikes, sounds complicated, right? Well, it isn’t. 

You should regularly engage with people and respond to people who comment on your posts. This can be generic, specific or basically anything; just be sure to respond!

This can make people feel important and make them think they’re being given personalized treatment. This has the potential to lead to an increase in referrals as people end up discussing your profile with their friends. 

On this note, please make it a point to respond to people who send you queries through Instagram’s Direct Messages. Responding to DMs in a timely manner goes on to show you’re actually active and not there just for the sake of being there. 

#6 Include relevant hashtags 

Like Twitter, Instagram is also a playground for hashtags. Using the right hashtags can get you into the spotlight and help you get the attention of people who don’t follow you. 

You can search for hashtags that are currently trending through the search bar in the app. Additionally, another tip is to write the niche of your business into the search bar. 

This will lead to the app showing the hashtags which currently have the highest number of posts. Just use those hashtags in your posts in order to get them to show up to people who are checking the respective hashtag out. 

#7 Use influencers

Phew, sounds rough. Anyhow, an influencer is basically anyone that can influence your target market/audience. You can partner up with an influencer and ask them for a shoutout in exchange for free goodies or cash remuneration, whichever is convenient. 

Another effective method of utilizing the power of influencers is by asking them to do an Instagram Stories takeover, wherein they takeover your Instagram profile and post stories. Their followers are bound to follow you in order to view the stories being posted, voila! 


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