9 Crucial Things to Look for in a Business Phone System


Business phone systems are one of the most critical parts of a business. Even if a business is already utilizing email, text messages, and social media to interact with customers, nothing is comparable to the immediate and personal touch that comes with a phone call. 


As your business expands, you will likely have to add staff. Hiring additional employees will require you to add phones to your business. Does your business phone system make it effortless to do this? Some business phone systems will require an intricate setup if you want to add another user. But others will require service installation from your provider.

Backup landlines

If the internet suddenly slows down or goes out, will you lose your phone system? Voice over IP or VoIP is popular for numerous reasons, but internet connection problems could mean that your phones will suddenly not work. In this kind of scenario, will there be a backup plan?

Call volume

How many people will be utilizing your phone system all at the same time? The number of calls your business will be receiving in a day can have an impact on how your phone system will work. If your customers cannot reach you because of limitations in the system, you could lose business.

Who will be answering the phone?

Initial communication with your business is a critical factor to consider. How you want your customers to be treated during that initial connection can have an effect on the image of your company. Do you want calls to go to a central human receptionist and then routed, or do you want the call to be answered by an IVR where callers have to press buttons? Also, do you want all employees to have direct dial numbers.?

How many locations are working together? 

If you have offices on numerous occasions, a hosted phone system can allow you to dial any person on your system with a three-digit dial. Offices in different locations can communicate with each other as if they are only the next room.

Advanced features of the phone system

Advanced features will sometimes be built-in and sometimes carry an extra fee. It would be best to tell your provider about all the different ways you will be utilizing your phone. Will you require features such as Outlook integration, call recording as well as reporting? You must also consider what will make the optimum customer service experience.

How much work is required to maintain the system?

The maintenance of your phone system can be a critical part of its success. Find out how effortlessly the system is to use. Will it be a good fit for your staff, or will your provider service and troubleshoot it if there are any hitches down the road. Never be tempted by the cost of a phone system that is used or refurbished. If you have to do numerous repairs and maintenance of a secondhand phone system, you may have trouble ahead.

Is the phone system mobile-friendly?

People who enter the workforce who have never utilized a desk phone are increasing. Also, by the nature of their job description, they may not even require one. If your employees are the type that is constantly on the go or smartphone savvy, you will require a phone system that integrates optimally with the way they work. Forwarding calls, as well as voice-over IP and digital voicemail sent through email, are features that can make life more effortless for your mobile workers.

Emergency management and recovery from disaster

If a disaster happens, keeping your lines of communication open is critical. The ability to respond during times of emergency is essential to calm your customers. What kind of phone recovery can your business expect in such situations? Does your provider have the capacity to eliminate downtime for your phone system when disaster strikes? Is it possible for the phone system to be routed to another location? Keep in mind that your business will depend on its phone system, so don’t allow downtime to become the downfall of your company.

Communication such as phone calls is essential to business operations. There is no replacing a phone call when it comes to customer satisfaction. The human element in a phone call helps with your business’s quality and trustworthiness.