A Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Can Be a Life Saver

Exposure to cell phone radiations is a growing concern in this digital era, where the possibilities of smart gadgets are endless. As more and more research studies point towards a direct link between radiations and stress, moodiness, headaches, lower sperm count, and cancer, cell phone users are constantly searching for ways to shield themselves from these radiations.

Is Cell Phone Radiation Really Harmful?

Although no definitive studies have been able to link cell phone radiation to health complications like cancer, there are some growing concerns regarding this tricky topic. This has prompted several companies to devise cell phone radiation blockers to address the concerns raised by cell phone users. These accessories, according to research, can block up to 99 percent of cell phone radiation.

According to research, any cell phone or cell phone tower is capable of emitting a considerable amount of Radio Frequency energy. Until recently, most people thought that this Radio Frequency energy (which greatly differs from energy commonly found in gamma rays and x-rays), is completely harmless.However, as a type of ionizing radiation, X-rays tend to damage the human cells by dislocating electrons from their usual locations.
The scientists believe that radio frequency energy doesn’t have the same effects on the human cells since it is non-ionizing. However, according to recent tests done on animals, the heat generated by cell phone radiation can overheat and damage the cells. Moreover, the extent of damage is something scientists should invest in.

How Do Cell Phone Radiation Blockers Work?

Cell phone blockers are accessories that block and prevent radiations from entering vital organs (ear or head).Usually; they are designed using contemporary technology, which utilizes ceramic and other conductive materials to block the radiations from entering your body cells.

However, these devices are not enough.After all; you are surrounded by cell phone radiations, especially if you are living near cell phone towers. So, what can you do to protect yourself from the dangers of cell phone radiations?

  1. Landline

Invest in a landline for longer calls to limit your exposure to harmful cell phone radiations.

  1. Research can save you

Do extensive research before purchasing any wireless device.Know its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).SAR is the amount of RF energy absorbed by human body; the lower the number, the better the device.

  1. Invest in air tube headsets.

It is believed that using a headset can offer some sort of protection. However, using them on a regular basis can actually intensify cell phone radiations entering the ear canal. Do not use your cell phone in a metallic enclosure (like elevators).

  1. The power of cell phone radiation blocker

A cell phone blocker can significantly shield you from the effects of cell phone radiations.

The Benefits of Cell Phone Radiation Blockers

Cell phone radiation blockers are special products that deflect cell phone radiations from getting into your body and interfere with normal body functioning-damage DNA, cerebral cells and trigger headaches and stress.

For phone cell users who’re extremely sensitive to radiations, a cell phone radiation blocker can be a vital life saver.   With a cell phone radiation blocker, the EMF radiations are deflected and blocked by an energy field generated by the blocker itself.

The energy generated from these blockers does more than deflect the radiations, however. This energy is beneficial to the body for it helps to internally and externally heal the body. Jewelry, for instance, is believed to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, aid endocrine systems, and boost the immune system. In addition, your mental intelligibility, focus, concentration is boosted. Cell phone radiation blockers are also effective in relieving stress and lifting moodiness. Therefore, it’s time that you tried a cell phone radiation blocker of some kind and enjoy amazing health benefits.