A Guide To Best Aquarium Screensavers And Their Types

The advent of computers brought with it the word screensaver. A screensaver was a fun way of preventing the discoloration of the initial cathode ray tube or CRT and plasma style monitors. The new screen styles have nullified the need, but still, a screensaver is a preferred choice for the duration when a computer is in sleep mode.

One of the screensavers that have been consistently popular from the time the screensavers were a novelty is the aquarium. An aquarium screensaver is a virtual aquarium that turns your screen into the playground of fishes. Watching the fishes roam around and play is soothing to your eyes and mind.

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A variety of aquarium screensavers is available that contain various types of fishes and water bodies from a freshwater aquatic collection to the salt water aquatic collection. The choice of fishes can range from a goldfish to the deadly sharks. The different types of screensavers that can be downloaded by you to turn your computer screen into your personal aquarium are discussed below.

Freshwater virtual aquariums

As the name suggests, these virtual aquariums depict a collection of freshwater aquatic bodies. It contains the environment similar to a pond or any other fresh water body. One of the popular choices of a freshwater virtual aquarium is the goldfish aquarium.

Goldfishes are the most simple and beautiful low maintenance fish type that a beginner can use in an aquarium. This aspect is brought to fore by a goldfish virtual aquarium. The background is simple and soothing with a single or a number of goldfishes making your desktop their home.

Saltwater or marine virtual aquariums

As the name signifies this virtual aquarium contains the characteristics of an oceanic background and water life. It contains the fishes found in the ocean such as sharks, dolphins, etc. The background and ambience depict flora and fauna similar to the ocean. You can go with an exclusive shark or an exclusive dolphin aquarium. Many of the virtual aquariums are a combination of salt and fresh water aquatic life that depicts the characteristics of all the fishes contained therein.

Simulation virtual aquariums

These aquariums allow interaction between the user and the aquarium software. You can easily zoom in a fish type of any aquatic feature like reefs. It allows for an experience akin to a swim in a water body where all the water animals respond to your presence and touch.

Virtual aquarium for education and children

Apart from using a virtual aquarium for entertainment you can also download the aquariums specially crafted for educational purposes. These help to teach you and your children about the different types of aquatic lives. You just need to click on a fish or aquatic life and a bubble will pop up containing the details of that specific variety. Aquariums specially designed for children are also available. They are graphically designed in cartoon representation of the fishes and underwater life. These are a good way for children to learn about the aquatic life. For a life like experience, you can also choose a 3 dimensional virtual aquarium.

Not only do these screensavers have a soothing effect or entertain or educate they also have therapeutic properties. They can help in reducing the blood pressure and stress levels. Buying aquarium screensavers give you an ad free experience in a fraction of the cost to an actual aquarium without the hard work of maintenance and cleaning.

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