A quick note on tunable laser diodes

With the advent of science, man has developed new technologies to help in various research programs as well as in day to day life. Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy aka TDLAS aka TLS or TDLS is one such device, which finds its extensive use in detecting a number of elements, gases along with temperatures and sound waves. It is one of the most important sensor technologies that have been devised by man all this while.

Features and benefits of tunable laser diodes

The main features of the Tunable diode laser by Nanoplus are as follows.

  • It allows the detection of portable gases
  • It allows the measurement of sticky gases
  • It allows sensitive detection of ppm to ppb level concentrations
  • It can be used in a number of contactless techniques
  • It can be operated at room temperature and even temperatures above that

The major benefits of TDLAS instruments over other highly sensitive technologies are as follows.

  • They are highly sensitive, much higher than any other sensor technology
  • It requires fairly lower cost of ownership
  • It enables fall-safe operation as well

Uses of the tunable laser diodes

The Tunable diode laser by Nanoplus finds it major application in the manufacturing of measuring instruments, telecommunication devices, and barcode readers. They are also found as laser pointers in visible colors like green or red. It is also being extensively used in CD players which help in detecting the CD. Its ability to detect the violet rays makes it very useful in the reading of Blu Ray discs as well.

The higher end application of the tunable laser diodes are found in more sensitive functions like for treatment of ailments. The high powered laser diodes are also used in medical devices which carry sensitive activities like hair removals or non-surgical liposuction procedures, wherein the body fat is being burnt with the help of the laser, without involving any invasive methods to get rid of the body fat.

While it had started its journey in the laboratories, aiding the various research programs, the tunable laser diodes have been proving themselves to be more useful to man in their day to day activities. Today, there are so many applications and instruments which uses these laser diodes and looking at the pace, it can be said with conviction that the future will find the tunable laser diodes helping mankind more than it has done ever.