All You Need to Know About Co-Location and Why Our Customers Use Co-Location

At Datanet, we have numerous customers who continue to use co-location services in various different ways. This type of services refers to housing critical equipment in a resilient data centre using diverse power, cooling and connectivity procedures. In this article, we will provide information on the different uses of co-location that is implemented by three of our customers to highlight the advantages of offsite co-location techniques.

• Using Co-Location to Provide Managed IT Services From the Cloud

The final co-location service to discuss refers to a third customer who offers a managed IT service. This customer utilises the co-location service to provide their clients with a reliable, resilient and secure suite of cloud services as delivered from the Datanet’s data centre. The Datanet’s tier 3+ centre with an Internet connection and cooling systems, partnered with Veeam Cloud Connect, provides this service. It also offers a 99.99% guarantee uptime which the third consumer relies on to provide their client with a 24/7 service and availability of their applications at all times.

• Using Co-Location as a Part of the Business Continuity Plan

One of our business consumers who operate from a central London branch utilises our co-location service as part of their business continuity plan. While their business is located in central London, the use of this business continuity plan requires the consumer to keep their servers in a secure location outside of their London office. The off-site hardware must be close enough for the client to reach when necessary; as well as close to the Datanet’s London Edge data centre.

It is important that the DR servers are backed up with the data being sent to the Datanet’s storage servers. The reason for continuous backing up is to ensure that valuable information can be restored to the company’s hardware if data is lost, also known as co-location. The added benefit to using this service from Datanet is that Datanet can offer customer suites to customers when required.

• Using Co-Location as Proof of Concept (POC) Laboratory

Another business customer that uses co-location as a service is one opting to take a notable amount of hardware space to provide a proof of concept or POC laboratory service. This consumer will perform tests of different types of products and hardware for their telecommunications customers before releasing the product to a live server. By opting for co-location within the data centre, it is possible to stimulate a global live setting, whereby, they are able to fully test the applications and ensure they can operate as expected. Once a test is completed and assessment passed, the application can be delivered as a finished product.

Final Words on the Matter

As can be seen, by reading through the three different co-location consumers discussed, it is possible for co-location services to benefit a business effectively. Regardless of whether the company uses co-location as part of a business continuity plan, to offer IT services, or as part of the cloud for their clients, it can be a fundamental building block for effective business.

It should also be noted that Datanet co-location not only offers power, cooling, space and security. In addition to these features, it also offers a vast amount of connectivity to customers with easy access to the data and high bandwidth. Furthermore, you will have the peace of mind that expert engineers are working with your information when required.

Datanet has been working with customers providing co-location, hosting and connectivity solutions for over twenty years. You too can benefit from these high-quality services ensuring plentiful service when needed.