Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Your One Drive


One Drive is designed to help you keep all of your important work files available on any device imaginable. It is a modern way of storing data online which will make your hard disk less cluttered. It doesn’t matter if you are an existing user or you want to create your account today because our One Drive tips should give you more insight into the service itself.

Sharing the files

This option is super useful to business people because it will allow them to share important files with their co-workers without additional uploads and complications. Of course, every file you upload to your One Drive is private until you make a decision to share it. All you need to do is select the file you want to send to your colleagues. You will have the options to either send it by e-mail or copy the direct link to the file.

Accessing your One Drive offline

Some users think that accessing One Drive is only possible while you have an internet connection. However, some of us might end up in a place where connecting to a Wi-Fi network is impossible. If you use One Drive for Windows 10, you will be able to sync up the files from your online storage and have them available on your computer. Surely, it will take up some space on your hard disk but it is worth it, especially if you work while on the move.

Office to One Drive

Microsoft connected their Office programs such as Excel and Word directly to One Drive. This feature makes saving files quick and easy. Simply sign into your One Drive account from one of the Office programs and they will be immediately linked. The name of your account should appear in the upper right corner. Next time you want to save a file, you will see an option to send it to One Drive right away.

Use the phone app

Surely, One Drive looks like a service which is made for computers only. But it does have a very useful phone app which can be installed on both Android and iOS devices. You will be able to send the files from your phone to your One Drive storage. We really like the app feature that allows you to protect your One Drive with a password or a Touch ID if you have an iPhone.

Photo albums

Even though photo albums are not available on the Android app, you will be able to create them on the Web app or iPhone. The thumbnails are large and organizing your images will not be a problem. Once you tap on a photo, it will go full screen. And not to forget that you will be able to share the albums with your family or friends.


One Drive is a versatile storage service that offers so many useful options to their users. If you have Windows operating system on your computer, it will make storing or viewing your documents a lot easier. These One Drive Tips are easy to master and you can start using them right away in order to make more space on your computer or increase your productivity.