Basics of Natural Language Processing Which We Should Know

It is considered that business intelligence itself is astonishing and right now there is craze for the natural language processing (NLP) which is helpful to build queries. As this is considered to be a tool which is included in the business intelligence there is a lot to learn upon the new challenges and as well the pitfalls and the barriers to be escalated. It is a clear fact that the BI usability is enhanced in these days and this is because of the support of the natural language processing. There are a lot of scientists who are working on a technology which syncs with the human language and the machine language as well.

Noteworthy Applications:

  • It is very tough for a layman to predict the analytics and to translate these results into common language this NLP is used widely.
  • Making queries are possible only by the subject matter experts, however NLP will be able to get the answers even for the questions in the common language or sentences.
  • There is a lot of unstructured data that is present in these days in every company. However, deriving proper conclusions from this set of data is possible with the NLP empowered with business intelligence.

Pitfalls Needed to Be Addressed:

It is really tough to get the meaning behind the words. As there will be a lot of difference in the metaphors and the differences in the languages could be the reason for this major challenge of not getting the accurate results always.There are even problems with the entity tagging like finding out whether a word is a place or an entity name. The same is the case with the parts of speech detection and there are even many more barriers which are yet to be addressed. However, when all these glitches are overcoming the technology will be really advanced.