Benefits Of Knowledge Sharing In Your Team (And, How To Do It?)

Do you know that we spend at least 20% of our time finding the right information or right person in our company. 20% means, 1 day every week is wasted on just finding the right information or right person. This can amount to hundredsof thousands or millions of dollar losses for your company (depending on your team size and hourly rate of your people).

Why are people not finding the right information at the right time? 2 main reasons –

(1) A lot of knowledge is sitting in people’s head. They are not sharing it with the team members because there are no good tools to share knowledge within the company. Worse, there is no motivation for people to share the knowledge. In fact, often times they fear that they’ll lose their advantage by giving away their knowledge.

(2) Existing tools don’t have good search and recommendation features. Search results are very irrelevant and there is no proactive recommendation of the relevant content.

 ProudFolio is one such great platform thatmakes it easy and promotes knowledge sharing in your team. Read on to learn how this platform can help you and your team.

ProudFolio Benefits

1. A single place to find all your team knowledge and share knowledge in a social fashion (think of this as a social network just for your team).

2. ProudFolio machine learning technology enables customized learning and personalized recommendation for each of your team members. This way, your team members are not wasting time on irrelevant materials. Helps them stay very productive while continuously learning.

3. You might wonder why would your team members share knowledge with each other. What’s in it for them? ProudFolio solves it through gamification. Point system and Leaderboard makes it fun. Managers also get visibility into who is sharing the most useful knowledge, who is being the most helpful person. This way, managers can reward the right behavior and right people.

4. We all know that Videos and Pictures are at least 1,000 times more effective than words. But sharing private videos within the team has its own technical challenges- large files, having codecs for different devices etc. ProudFolio completely takes care of these technical complexities.

5. If your team is sharing knowledge just via email, shared drive, DropBox, Google Drive or SharePoint, you miss out knowing which content are the most useful. Are they being used, are people commenting on them, are people liking them? ProudFolio platform provides all these usage visibility through the analytics.

6. Last but not the least, ProudFolio is available on all devices – web, iPhone, iPad, Android. Especially useful if your team has some remote staff and people who are usually on the go and don’t always have access to the computer.

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