Benefits of Zero Fee Card Processing & Recurring Payments for Merchants

Payment automation is a great way to save money and increase profitability. For this reason, smart merchants are not opting for recurring payment merchant accounts in USA. Money is automatically credited in the accounts of merchants every billing cycle and they don’t need to invest efforts in sending invoices. Besides making recurring payments a hassle-free and stress-free affair for the merchants, the recurring payment merchant accounts in USA bring along many other benefits as well:

Cash flow is predictable – recurring payment merchant accounts facilitate better and informed decision making because you know how much cash will come in your business account and when? As you are in better control of your cash-flow, it is easier to make business decisions that are majorly depending on the finances. For example, inventory management (stocking physical goods), supply chain management, new launches, and new hiring or firing. 

No missed payments – this is another great advantage of having a recurring payment merchant account in USA. You do not miss payments because everything is fully automated and it does not matter whether you forgot to raise the invoice on time, your payment will reach your account on time. 

Customer acquisition is facilitated – when you opt for zero fee credit card processing in USA for your recurring payments, you end up saving more money. The saved money can be used to price your merchandise more competitively, thus leading to more sales and profitability for you. With recurring payments, you may provide your customers with an easier option to shop from your store and pay for the purchased items in installments, if they can’t make lump sum payment.

Improved customer retention – one-off purchases require you to keep sourcing additional sources of income by investing ample time and effort in acquiring new customers or waiting for repeat customers. On the other hand, recurring payment processing in USA saves you from the hassle while helping you retain more customers.

No chance of delayed bills – businesses end up spending a lot of precious time and effort in chasing down delayed payments. But thanks to recurring payment processing in the USA, you don’t need to follow up with your customers to pay on time as the payment system is automated.

Quick feedback – since buying and selling is a lot easier with a recurring payment account, you get frequent and quick feedback from your customers. 

Combine zero fee credit card processing in USA with your recurring payments for added advantage!

While a recurring payment merchant account makes it easier for businesses to make payments and receive payments on time, you as a merchant can add more bucks to your wallet with zero fee credit card processing in USA. As implied by the name, zero fee credit card processing refers to the process wherein the merchants don’t have to pay for the transactions (payments) made by the customers on any purchase made through credit cards online. In zero fee credit card processing, the merchant is not liable to pay any fee for the transaction rather the fee is passed to the customer automatically. As a result, merchants get 100% of each sale. For example, if you sell one item for $800, you will get the entire $800 via zero fee credit card processing.

Combining both the zero fee credit card processing in USA and recurring payment merchant account has dual benefits for the merchants. The money you save through zero fee credit card payment and recurring payment account can be used to offer discounts to your customers and add credibility to your business. To get your recurring payment merchant account in USA or apply for zero fee credit card processing, speak to the experts at Payment USA.