Best Automatic Feeder for Large Dogs In 2018

Owners of dogs at least once in their lives are in a situation where they urgently need to leave for a few days and leave dogs in the country, as they say. “One farm.” The main problem in this situation is the feeding of pets.

If no friends or friends can feed the animals while the owner does not have the last chance to feed the dog, there is still an automatic dog feeder. Some feeders produce fairly large amounts of food.

Terms of Use

Of course, automatic dog feeders can not solve all animal problems that arise due to lack of a host. More applications are calculated in certain conditions:

  • As a primary food ingredient, with the help of an autoclave, only dried foods require the least animal to be familiar with eating such foods;
  • The use of the rails is the first to focus on the animals contained in the cabinet, as developers have not come up with automatic toilets to feeders. Except for dogs of the smallest species living in the house, there is a chance to leave the room automatically tambour.
  • Feeding with dry food for several days can adversely affect the health of the dog, even if there is enough food and water in the cage. Therefore, automatic feeders for large dogs can be considered as a temporary measure.

Important! Dogs should not suffer from bulimia or kinorexia, which is often found among large dogs.

If the dog eats too much or is unable to control the amount of food consumed, only the feeder version with the built-in dispenser is suitable for automatic feeding and is the most expensive and complicated device.

In addition, the appearance and smell of plastic dog autoclave in the closet need to be trained for several days in order to develop a certain culture of use. Often, the dog is frustrated with the noise or the type of food in the bunker, which permanently destroys electronics. So some owners do not want to risk and prepare the cabinet in the cabinet, which is equipped with an automatic feeder.

The organization of the dog with automatic feeder has its own characteristics. If the feeding of cats, hamsters, parrot fish does not have a psychological direction, then for all dogs is more complex. Bowls and personality of the person giving out food is very important for the dog. From the perspective of psychology, he feeds primarily in the home.

Important! So if you have a desire to transfer your pet to an auto feeder, be prepared for the fact that dog food robots can become objects of attachment and veneration.

Automatic paper feed method works well.

The main idea embedded in the gutter design is to supply food on a weekly or three-day basis to dogs without mass. But it must pass through time, especially at the same time. Most models for automatic feeding according to the work pattern can be divided into 3 types:

  • The easiest structure;
  • Drug system
  • Self-opening feeder

Some models are supplemented by an automatic water bottle in the form of a rack mounted on a tripod equipped with a deodorant valve. This supplement is not the most lavish, especially if the dog in the stable can not keep water for several days.

Automatic feeder – batchers

A truly automatic system can be referred to as the system shown in the image below.

The special feature of this device is the presence of a special lift, where part of the feed is fed from the tank into the bowl. At times out, automatic feeds can range from 60 to 500 grams which is quite enough to feed a large dog. The payoff weight is adjusted using the digital indicator on the side panel. At the bottom of the device there are special fixators, which help to repair the device on the floor or on the floor.

Automatic feeder can be run in program mode from internal timer or from external computer command. Before giving out a meal, make a pronouncement and open the lift only after the dog approaches the bowl. In the upper part of the machine there is a container for food supply. The medium tank is designed for 3-4 kg, but there are models with a capacity that can hold food up to 10 kg.

Feeder for small dogs and dwarfs

For small dogs, rotary feeders are often used. The structure is divided into 5-6 sectors. The top of the tray is closed with a lid with a center section cut off. During the rotation of the lid, the sector opens the cells with food in the tray alternately. Within a day, one or two business sectors can be opened.

The design of the automatic feeder using the timer is more advanced. In fact, it is a tray with feed inside. The tray is closed with a flap fastened by a magnetic lock or mechanism. As soon as the timer is locked, it will unlock and the flip will give the dog access to the stern. If desired, you can set the number of automatic feeders you want to match the number of feeds your dog has. According to the manufacturer, thanks to tight tight lid, you can load not only dry food, but also canned meat or fish. Of course, this is not suitable for dogs. The dog will open the tray before the timer is activated.

Bulk feeder

The easiest dog feeder on the stand is a vertical tank or food tank mounted on a special tray. At the bottom of the automatic feeder bunker there is a ring gap. Part of the food awakens in small amounts through the slots and locks a large amount to prevent spilling into the tray.

While the dog eats food in its tray, part of it is poured into its place from the bunker. By designing an automatic feeder, make sure the feed is pumped out until the dog is carefully selected from the tray. At normal temperatures and humidity, dry food ensures long-lasting properties, so a single-feed automatic feeder can work 7-10 days.

Homemade options

By using the principles described above, you can make your own manual dog feeder. The best for these purposes is a piece of plastic drain with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 80-90 cm.

The hose must be fastened to a vertical steel stand that is shaped like a plywood cutter. In the lower part of the vertical tank, it is necessary to wear the cone adapter from 100mm to the 50mm pipe for a better look. The design can be painted in aerosol colors. you like

Containers closed with a cover – The plug is extremely high, so it is desirable to attach the structure to the floor or wall with additional metal plates and screws. It remains to adjust the position of the tank with food in height, put the bowl for the dog and fill the container with the dry food.

To ensure that the feed is not cakes and not stuck in bunkers, many home builders anchor small electric motors in tubes with 5-10 watts of eccentricity on motor cocks connected to the timer. The vibration of the dog can be heard dozens of meters.


As manufacturers demand for high enough auto feeders, it is planned to produce automated feeding devices controlled over the Internet and even install video cameras. In addition to dry food, there are three or four types of frozen and hot foods. Here we suggest WOPET brand.

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