Best Free Word Processing Program for MAC

No doubt, Microsoft word is one of the best word processing programs built for Windows operating system, The one best free word processor for MAC includes variety of softwares which includes Open Office and many others.

Back in the days, we were using windows built in simple word editor which lacks numerous features, however with the new developed software create many advantages and anyone from academic writer to bloggers can create letters and documents.

When it comes to MAC OS, we have a fever option, that’s why I’ve included a list of word processing programs that you may try to overcome these habits.

What’s the best Word processor for MAC?

We all know, the best word processing software is Word and that’s for windows, you may use it online when you log in to your Microsoft Account, but to attain all features you need use the desktop based program.

You may use some online applications to create documents, letters and essays, but some features you’ll miss, for this purpose you can use this punctuation checker to check commas, colon and other grammar mistakes and fix them instantly.

If you’re required to use software on your MAC and writer documents, then the first app that comes in mind is PAGES, it’s easy to use and comes with the many features.

The second one is Open Office; it’s available as downloadable package, later you need to install it in order to use.

The third is Write, it’s an application available on itunes, if you’ve Apple ipad or iPhone, you can download it from the store and write on the go.

Another word processor, that is open source and available for all platforms such as MAC and windows is AbiWord, it’s useful if you have low budget and cannot afford expensive Microsoft Word.

iAWriter is the most used program to write text, it’s available on MAC app store, you can download it and install on your system, but note that you’d need to pay monthly or yearly in order to use every day.

So my advise would be to use the free softwares, if you need more features then download the one mentioned.