Best Mobile Apps to Watch Movies and Tv Shows on Android Phones

Carrie Bono
December 21, 2016

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Movies are considered one of the best mediums to pass time or to get entertained. Nowadays, the necessity of going to a cinema hall or movie theatre to catch a movie has been eliminated. The movie applications for mobile devices and the facility of streaming/downloading them  online according to wherein ones’ comfort lies has come across as a boon for many of us!

Some of these Android applications for watching movies come with the capability to download them as well which adds up to their utility for everyone. They have movies catering to almost every genre like comedy, fiction, romance etc. and boast of libraries that often run into a few millions. We have sorted out some of the best ones available on the Android play store and outside it to come with a list of TOP 4 APPS THAT OFFER MOVIES ON ANDROID DEVICES.

You just need an active internet connection and an Android device to download these apps and then stream/watch immense amount of movies. They are listed in the following section.


CRACKLE is at the top here because all the content on it is absolutely FREE. Apart from movies, it also has a number of popular T.V. shows as well. However, this app comes with a lot of commercials and advertisements. Plus the content on it is in standard definition. But the app pretty much makes up for them with its immensely great list of movie titles, T.V. shows and a very simple, tiled interface. You can download it from the Android play store. It doesn’t need any subscription as well!


Though this one is not available on the play store, you can download the APK file from the official Cinema Box HD site.The app has got everything from latest movies, T.V. shows, to cartoons and animes in almost every genre. All the content is available in high definition and is totally FREE. No subscription is required and you can also stream your movies in the app to your smart T.V. and use Google Chromecast! One can also download the movies and play subtitles.

This amazing hell of an app comes with kids’ mode to filter out offensive and adult content from your children.


Viewster has lately climbed a lot of steps to become one of the most downloaded movie watching applications on Android Play Store.  It has got a vivid and sleek interface and offers HD content in all the genres. Its anime listing is outstanding. Also, you can save your movies to watch them later (Offline mode). It supports Google Chromecast and content is free!

     4.TUBI TV

Available on Play Store , the app has got close to a lakh titles! You can find movies and T.V. shows from all parts of the world (Especially Korean, Japanese and German). The app has an impressive rating and offers a free cinematic experience. The interface is very graphic and feels a bit high- end on first use!

So guys, browse through the above list and find your preferences! Happy viewing!

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