Best Ways To Start Earning As A Freelance Writer

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In today’s world where every job requires years of experience and still have thousands of candidates applying for the job, work from home is gaining quite some momentum. There are benefits of choosing a work from home job like the ability to work mostly anytime and from anywhere you are. Not just for people who find it difficult to get hired, but work from home jobs are also best for students and people who just wish to make some extra money with the skill they have.

One of the most sought-after work from home job is freelance writing. However, like any other job you choose, even working as a freelance writer has its own issues. The main problem is indeed getting started with your career as a freelance writer.

If you have proper knowledge of the language and can frame content well then freelance writing is the best option you have to make money within the comfort of your home. And to help you start off your career as a freelance writer, below are some of the best ways to start earning as a freelance writer.

Best Ways to Start Earning as a Freelance Writer

  • Use Websites That Help Find Freelance Writing Jobs:
    There are many websites out there where freelance writers can write and sell their articles and also find clients who are interested in hiring them. Many websites like allow freelancers to find specific writing gigs that match their expertise and liking and with more than 100 different type of writing requirements available on such websites, you can surely find some clients easily.

    Instead of letting you pick clients, some websites like would want you to post a page inviting interested clients to get in touch with you. In such sites, always make sure to list down your specific writing skills, like for example if you are good in offering paper writing service, then mention it as your skill and if possible, do attach a sample of your paper writing to give interested clients a look into what you can offer. This way you can make sure to get more clients who are interested in hiring writers for the same skill you possess.

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  • Write On Sites That Pay For Guest Posting:
    Even though guest posting is a traditional way used by bloggers and website owners to network and improve their presence, there are many websites out there that pay writers to write guest post articles on their site.

    By talking about websites that pay for guest posting we are talking big and popular sites like and the pay is also good mostly ranging around $1 per word. A simple online search will help you find many websites that pay you for guest posting on their site and you can also select based on topics that you are experienced in so as to frame unique content for the website and get approved easily.
  • Use Social Media Platforms:
    There are many bloggers, marketers, startups and so on who are interested in hiring talented writers. Social media platforms are the best place to find such people and directly network with them for freelance work.

    Another benefit of using social media to find freelance writing work is that as you will be directly contacting your clients, you will also be able to get recurring gigs from your clients and they can also help you by recommending you to others they know who might be interested in hiring a freelance writer.

Final Words

We have mentioned some of the easy ways to kickstart your career as a freelance writer. One important point to remember while starting as a freelance writer is not to worry too much about the amount you are paid.

Even if you start for a very cheap rate, as you get more clients and improve your experience as a freelance writer, you will surely come across clients and offers that will pay you really well. Also, make sure to network with other fellow freelance writers to improve your presence and find better options.