Blockchain Hosting Technologies 

The popularity and mass adoption of Blockchain technology, fueled by cryptocurrency trade and consumption, has paved the way for a network of highly redundant, scalable ledger systems-hosted globally with updates pushed instantly. HostCoin will merge the DNS zones of our nameservers to our blockchain, which provides near-instantaneous domain updates to be recognized by the Internet, eliminating the typical 48 hour wait time of domain propagation. Further, all Hosted DNS zones will be developed on public and open-source. HostCoin will further develop and will provide API access to allow remote systems to modify and push updates to our DNS blockchain. By merging revolutionary cloud computing disciplines with enterprise-Grade encryption policies, Hostcoin ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will simultaneously optimize Blockchain network delivery while eliminating vulnerabilities in public and hybrid cloud deployment. Blockchain website Hosting Technology Strives to bring a new generation of website hosting, a similar scenario RedBox did to Blockbuster HostCoin is a product of Blockchain Hosting Technologies today’s leader in Blockchain Technologies.

In case you were wondering, blockchain is getting ready to change the world. From transforming the way banks move money to change how our medical records are handled; shared ledger technology will soon be the way most business transactions are done. With more than 50% of major corporations planning to transition to blockchain business applications in 2018, opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs are there for the taking.
The big story is you can transfer value through software and software alone. This is a huge societal breakthrough. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were on fire for a large portion of 2017, focus in 2018 will turn to the blockchain, the underlying technology that powers these digital currencies. But blockchain technology has many more potential use cases and applications other than just serving as the fuel behind Bitcoin.