Boom Beach Mod Apk, An Appealing Game With Unlimited Coins And Diamonds

Indeed very attractive and complete strategy free game for smartphone users. Boom Beach Mod Apk has quite similarities with the once-popular Clash of Clans which hurled storm among the gamers. It has a similar playability style like resource management, familiar tower defense, and cartoon graphics. Fans of clash of clans would love this game. But this time a player gets to form military bases on islands floating on the sea.

Quick summary

Name                         Boom Beach Mod apk

Genre                         strategy, online, 3D

Size                              102M

Latest Version            39.73

Publisher                     Supercell

Platforms                    Android 4.0.3

MOD Features           Unlimited Money

Root Required            No

Price                            Free

Developers                 3rd Party


Drive towards constructing a powerful military base

The initial stages let you float on the sea in search of new wild islands. Developing and exploring your own potent military zone is the ultimate mission. The first building followed by exploiting the prevailing resources on the newly found island.

For safe and sound base one must plan strategically regarding positioning and building the defense towers. Only if the base is strong substantially, fighting against the enemy’s attack makes easy. Expanding many areas as well as strengthening military force helps in expanding the power of king!

For that one must build adequate items and store them smartly like defense systems, assault guns, and towers. They together will best serve the military tactics one puts. No doubt one get to choose from countless combat equipment and weapons, which also includes warships, tanks, mortars, sniper rifles or as flares, heal missile systems, all these are very useful. Take the advantage and stand firm against the enemies!

Boom Beach Enemies

Boom Beach Mod Apk has got many modes which double the enemy as well in the game. In default mode, one must be loyal to the inhabitants on islands by protecting their back from the Blackguard invasion. In worst cases, they capture your island’s base and enslave your own people. Being a leader fight to regain power over the captured islands and rescue your own people. Every time the blackguard proves to be smarter and very powerful having an extremely powerful boss. Be careful while you take every step.

Boom Beach mod apk has also an engaging PvP mode. Probably it is one of the best things when it comes to strategy games. Build strong troops to combat many other players, while your armies are deployed in the neighboring islands for dismantling the enemy base.

Moreover, the defense system has strong firepower. It is possible to avoid its range for capturing your rival’s castle or a rocket launch to blow them out. Many weapons are there to support your fight. In bringing down unexpected intruders, rockets among other weapons possess strong destructive power. Not just equipment and weapons, players will also need healing supplies for their troops.

Day to day surprises

Each time you open boom beach Mod apk, you encounter a pleasant surprise. Much like the feeling of witnessing your own base turning into ashes!

From the strongholds only the ruins that remain after night. More importantly one is not aware of the culprit behind the catastrophe. Nothing to worry, Boom Beach has got replay mode, from which you can trace down that attacked and can also trail the weakness present in your defense network.

It lets you adjust and rebuild your turret system. Never leave your enemies on the ground that attacked your base that can also be a friend of yours. You can never underestimate your opposition.

In addition to these start collecting resources every day regarding new islands to expand more. Each island brings many new things to exploit also many lurking dangers. Precisely, reach to every island and find the valuable hidden treasure. Discover the mysteries behind the ancient statues present on the island.

Boom Beach- A worth playing game

No wonder the gameplay of Boom Beach Mod apk is almost the same as Clash of Clans but more appealing rather, undeniable. While playing, one will come across countless interesting features. Fulfill multiple missions to gain daily rewards and treasure chests.

There are many fighting forces as well as architectural works for anyone to venture and conquer. Among all these the extreme ones are the strategic and fierce battles that are of utmost importance. In addition to these, one also gets to compete with players from other parts of the world.

Lately, there are many upgrades and improvements to Boom Beach’s graphics. Systematic realistic scenes along with 3D graphics give an impression of real life.

Special care is taken of character image so that anyone can see the personality and closeness of the character. Cutting short, fierce battle play graphics is extremely exciting!

Form a special task force with players from worldwide for fighting enemies together. Free the inhabitants and the enslaved islands and find out the secrets associated with this tropical paradise. Explore, plan and hurl the invasion on the beaches.

Plunder thousands of enemies; get a chance to play with tons of other players.

Fight hard to capture valuable resources and possessions that will aid one in strengthening their base countering enemy attacks.

Explore a large tropical archipelago and find out the mysterious power among living crystals.

Android versions which support Boom Beach Mod apk

An android version of 4.0.3 or above supports this game. Apart from this other supported android version includes: Lollipop (5.0-5.0.0), Kit Kat (4.4-4.4.4), Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3-4.0.0) or UP

Boom Beach MOD APK Features

  • Instant Training
  • Extra Builders
  • Explore different Islands
  • Unlimited Gold & Wood Coins
  • Unlimited Gems / Diamonds


The game supports both iOS and Android devices, which has a prerequisite of a minimum of 3 GD RAM and 1 GB free internal memory space. There are countless remarkable events as well as challenges waiting, anyone will not be disappointed, players will feel different, Boom Beach Mod apk has many interesting things, and one will love most.

Play this game without any hassles for acquiring wealth Unlimited Diamonds! Infinite Gold! Unlimited Resources! For fun, sake plays and enjoy every bit of this game. If you are willing to win, devise strategies.