Buying Facebook Likes is more popular than ever.

You probably heard about this online marketing tactic already but a lot of people still have not! Did you know that celebrities and businesses in the UK buy Facebook likes to look more popular and professional?

That’s right, you can buy popularity online like that, for as cheap as a few dollars. Why would anyone do this? It’s very simple, because when you start a new Facebook page, you don’t look professional when you only have 12 likes from your friends…. No one is going to trust you and buy your products or services, especially if they cost a few thousand dollars.

So there are 2 solutions to kick start your business on Facebook. Here they are:

Buy Facebook ads

Everyone can buy Facebook ads within minutes after publishing their Facebook page. You can even target your ads to only show to people from a certain city gender, age or even interest. That is really cool, for example, if someone already follow or like a few Facebook pages about home renovation or if you are a florist in Melbourne, and your business is also in the same industry, you can only show your ads to them, so you have more chances of them liking your Facebook page, engaging with your content and buying your services of flowers if you are a florist.

Sounds good right? Yes but there is only 1 problem…. Facebook ads are really expensive! To get 1000 likes, it could cost you $1000 or more, since you have to pay every time people click on your ad, even if they end up not liking your Facebook page at all.

That’s a massive inconvenient for small business owners or startups as we often start with very limited funds or no budget at all… And it’s pretty much impossible to start doing business on Facebook if you have no likes on your page to start with…. So again, if you are a florist in Melbourne, might as well not have a Facebook page at all than having a page within no likes because it makes you look desperate and unprofessional…

So is there any other way you can speed up the process and look more professional quickly?

Yes there is: you can Buy Facebook likes. I explain how in the next paragraph.

Buying Facebook Likes is easy

Yes, buying Facebook likes is easy and very quick, and it’s cheap and affordable too!

All you have to do is go on Google and type ‘Buy Facebook likes’, or you can search to buy Facebook likes in USA or in the UK if you want the Facebook profiles that like your Facebook page to look like they are from the same country you do business in. That way it will look more real and legit.

Once you searched for these terms, you will find multiple websites where you can buy Facebook likes. It’s always good to try to contact the website owner first to see if they are legit and honest. Wait 1 day to get a reply and see if you want to do business with that company and buy Facebook likes from them.

If yes, all you have to do is go on their website. You will find many Facebook likes packages depending on how many likes you need. You can buy 100 likes, 50 000 likes etc. They will show you the prices too.

So, choose which package suits your needs and budget. Go to the cart page or checkout page of the website. You can often pay with Paypal or with your credit card. Please note, if you decide to pay with your credit card, please make sure that you see a green lock icon in your browser’s address bar. This is called an SSL certificate. You can also make sure that the web page starts with ‘https’ instead of just ‘http’. This means that the page is secure and that you can enter your credit card information safely. No one can steal it or duplicate it.

So that’s it! Now all you need to do is write down what is your Facebook page link on the checkout page, pay, and wait for the likes to appear.

Some sellers process the orders in less than 1 day, some over a few days, so sit back, relax and wait for your likes to grow.


To conclude, if you have a lot of budget, it’s better to buy FAcebook ads which are targeted directly at your potential customers, so you have more chances of them buying your product or services. But if you are like me and your budget is very limited, then spend $20-$50 and buy Facebook likes is the quickest way to look more professional on Facebook.