Cheep Is Here To Make Your Life Better

Cheep is a home service app in India. It’s a solution for the dilemma of working women in India, who get overwhelmed by never ending responsibilities of home and office. As both men and women work hard to earn money and make the ends meet, it gets really hard to take time out for extra tasks such as home repair, grocery shopping and various other matters. It has its services available across 13 cities in India. The verified and trusted professionals are available 24/7 round the clock.

The developers have fixed various bugs in the app with enhanced functionality and PRO chat or call service. It has an emergency alert button. A person can instantly get quotes from the professionals regarding the services required. They only get to chat with you once they get hired.

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How does it make life easier?

With all the features of app in mind; one may naturally ask a question about the services this app has to offer. You can select any of these services with the date and time of the day they are required at.

– You can get your furniture fixed from the professional carpenter who may repair, re-design and polish your furniture.

– You can get plumbing services just with one tap on the screen

– You can hire a driver for as long as you want on reasonable rates

– If your walls and roof are chipping, you can instantly hire a painter to get everything renovated without having to run behind the painters in local area

– A Tiffin service is offered, if you are too tired to cook or pack lunch

– Need to look your best before going somewhere? You can hire a makeup artist to revamp your looks.

– Electricians are available to fix switches, fans and geysers

– The much needed laundry service is also provided to the customers

– You can also get yoga service, spa service and baby sitter all from the same platform

The list is very long and the possibilities are endless. You may have to install the app to discover what it has to offer. Life had never been so easier before.

How it works:

Once you have selected the required service, browse through the profiles of professionals and look for the ratings and reviews by other users. This ensures that you will get the best service person for the task without having to worry about your safety.

And when you have selected a professional, call them or chat with them. Negotiate the rates of your service and hire them instantly.

What makes it stand out?

The fact that this app offers range of reliable services with trusted professionals make it highly competitive and one of its kind in app world. It is not only providing services to the inhabitants of India but also creating employment opportunities on large scale.

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