3 Reasons That You Should Choose iModernize Tool For Legacy Language Transformation

Legacy languages like CL and RPG in the IBM OS have become obsolete and expensive to maintain with the arrival of Java. Besides, since coders work towards gaining skills in progressive new computer languages and not the old ones, maintaining old languages becomes painstaking due to the serious shortage of coders who can write codes in RPG. It is because of this reason and a few others, mentioned in the guide to come, that rpg to java conversion is extremely essential. But, instead of trying to get the codes rewritten manually, you should focus on converting rpg to java with Fresche solutions only. It is because the iModernize tool by this company offers seamless transformation of legacy languages with completeness. If interested in learning more, scroll down and read the guide.

What Makes iModernize Tools The Best Options For Legacy Language Conversion?

Now that you know how the iModernize tool by Fresche solutions can convert the AS/400 iseries programs to Java and .NET, it’s time that you also learn what makes this tool so popular. Read through the list of following 3 benefits to get the answer.

  1. It Provides Accuracy

Accuracy is the one thing that cannot be compromised with when talking about the conversion of a legacy language into something completely new. And iModernize tool transforms legacy languages into Java with precision. This ensures that the software on your IBM system runs smoothly even with new languages onboard

  1. It Reduces Project Failure Risk

Failure of a project due to incompatible technologies is a very common problem with customizing the IBM I applications. But when done with the iModernize analysis tool, the failure risk is drastically reduced. It is because the iModernize analysis tool can immediately detect if or not a technology is compatible with the IBM apps. And early detection is the most vital aspect when it comes to avoiding the chances of project failure since you get time to replace the incompatible technology with something that is compatible and offers better results when there’s still time.

  1. It Runs Timely Automated Checks

The iModernize tool is designed to run automatic checks on all the new and old applications in order to ensure that the codes generated are of high quality. Besides, it can also make suggestions about the new systems that can actually prove beneficial for your business.

On a closing note, such flexibility allows programmers, developers, and coders to independently work on the designing of new features and applications that are beneficial for the growth of the business.